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Half of film industry has worked in my play – ‘Bade Miyan Diwane’ – Imran Rasheed

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Imran Rasheed is an actor, writer, director and runs a theater group Rangbaaz in Mumbai. Half of film industry has worked in his play – ‘Bade Miyan Diwane’. Read on to know more about this versatile personality.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

About my life, I am a graduate in political science from Aligarh Muslim University. I came to  Mumbai In 2002 and joined the theatre group ‘Ekjute’ with Nadira Zaheer Babbar. Since then I have worked in many plays with renowned theatre personalities such as ‘Naseeruddin Shah’, ‘Sunil Shaanbaag’ etc. I have also directed few plays, corporate plays, streetplays. I have also assisted Bijoy Nambiyar’ in  film ‘Shaitaan’ and ‘Shafaq Khan’ in her Music videos.  I was additional screenplay writer in the film ‘David’.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

I work in theatre plays, write and direct them. I felt I can do the same with films. Also I felt a need to add some meaningful stuff in Hindi cinema, which is also one of the motivations.


What developed your interest in theater?

I am doing theater from a long time. I started doing theater in Aligarh and I used to perform in youth festivals etc and I won best actor awards there. All these events developed my interest in theater and also prompted me to come to Mumbai to pursue it full time. Currently, I run a theater group named Rangbaaz in Mumbai and I am also a writer. My genre is comedy. I have written 4 plays till date.

When you decide to opt for this career, how did your parents react?

My parents were already fed up with me 🙂 When I came to Mumbai, they said, whatever you will do, it will be good for us. Actually, they are letting me do this work and are also supporting me. My mom once told me to come back and not do this bad work. I told her good and bad work make the balance of society, so let me do the bad work and maintain this balance, she agreed 🙂

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Who is your role model?

My role model is Mehdi saab. He has written a tv serial ‘Mulla Nasruddin’ which used to come on Doordarshan. He is a very good writer and I have spent a lot of time with him.

Tell us about your team, if you have?

I have an excellent team of actors, writers and directors. There are around 40 people involved in it. As a theatre group we work together in our plays which goes to our films as well. you can see it in my film ‘Laxmi’. Everyone in the film is from our team.

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How many/ What kind of movies you have made?

Laxmi‘ is my debut film. Now, I want to make movies on all my concepts. I made a movie on serious topic as an idea came to me but as I said my genre is comedy. I want to make a feature film on ‘Bade miyan Deewane’ a play done by me which was a hit. Its been 4 years now we’ve been doing this play and almost half of the film industry has performed in it 🙂 Apart from direction, I have also acted in few short films like Haircut directed by Anand Tiwari.

What is your dream/ vision?

My dream, I want to commercialize art cinema. Also I want to make some good comedy films because I think I am good in that.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

So many. To hunt and get locations, managing police (after which I decided I would never shoot again in Madh Island, Mumbai) etc.


Any fun/ memorable incident?

Yes when the group of actors who were playing eunuchs lost theirs artificial breasts, and then managed by stuffing cloths 🙂

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbee in filmmaking?

If you want to make a career in this line, don’t think much, just start doing it.


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