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Problems will always be there, but a good filmmaker will always overcome those – Siddarth Sas

Siddarth Sas

Tell us about your life journey?

Well, I was born in Jammu and then we moved to Kashmir. Later, I moved to Pune for my engineering where I did theater for 3 years. We started our journey through  very small stage yet stated to be a big “street plays”. I had performed at various reputed places like “MOOD-I (IIT POWAI)” , “UNMAAD (IIM B’LORE)” & various reputed places of pune.Then to take another step I joined theatre in 2012. But I was always passionate about films, I wanted to make films, act in films and see how they are made. So in the year 2013 I made my first short film “MUKTI”. The story and screenplay was written by me and fortunately I also got the chance to direct it. So, from that point my journey of making and acting in films started and it continues till date.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

To be very honest since I was a kid whenever I used to go to theatre to see a feature film for the next 2 – 3 days the same was to be rewinded at home. I remember when I saw this movie “Mela” of amir khan I started shadow fighting alone thinking I am fighting with Gujjar its villian. Later on when I became matured I realised that when I act I go into the another phase and show those things which normally I cannot show, so, all these feelings collaboratively prompted me towards films.

Tell us about your team, if you have?

Like me there were some people from my theatre who were equally passionate about films. They had vast knowledge of films. So early this year we started our production house “WHITE RABBIT ENTERTAINMENT” under which we have produced 3 films so far and more are in pre & post production.The members of the team are: Amitabh Mishra, Rajiv, Ramesh Sukhwani, Vishesh Bhagat, Vishal Bhagtani, Jaydeep Sinha, Niraj Rai, Srikanth, Vaibhav Kaul.

Siddarth Sas White Rabbit

How many/ What kind of movies you have made?

Till date we have picked up various topics including, social cause (MUKTI) (HUM), women dominance (WATER), revenge (AFTERMATH) (TREATMENT) (THE LINE CROSSED), thriller (SCARECROW), short term memory compulsive liar (THE MISSED CALL), chasing dreams (THE GLASS TANK) and many are in post production. We are also going for an All India screening of our movie – The Dark Devil. The movie is produced by White Rabbit in association with I Can media pictures.

How did you pick your topics?

When we started, we opted for social topics so that the film can be picked by any film festival. Now we experiment a lot, currently we are working on a murder mystery.

Have you able to monetize your work?

Well, two of our films have been picked by Pocket films. Apart from that we have not able to monetize our work. We started our production house White Rabbit Entertainment in early 2013 and I put my money in all the productions.

Siddarth Sas White Rabbit 2

What is your dream?

My idol is Raj Kapoor. Few years down the line, I want to make films as he did, by that what I mean is that emphasis would be more on story.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

The only challenge as an independent filmmaker is the finances. It is difficult to get the producer, location permissions etc.Having said that I do believe that a good film can only be made if there are problems. The problems will always be there, but a good filmmaker will always overcome those.

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in filmmaking?

Since i mentioned above the only problem as an independent filmmaker is money but this can be very easily overcome if you have a very good team. The team which believes in you and the team you believe in.So the very first thing that should be done is to have atleast some set of people having specific knowledge of the same and then any project shall be picked. A film is a story, a vision which writer sees and pens down and director formulates his vision and brings it on screen.. So the important part is the story. We often talk about hollywood movies that they are fabulous and unmatchable. I think, the reason is that they stick to basics – the story hence we like them. If we also start paying attention to the story, we can also become unmatchable.

Some of Siddarth’s work:

Scare Crow

The Missed Call

We completely agree with Siddarth that there will be problems and you have to overcome those as a filmmaker. Let us know(in comments) what are your thoughts on his work.

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