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We stole electric pole from the lane to arrange light for the shoot – Lionel Lewis/ Alistar Bennis

Alistar and Lionel

Story of two dynamic young enthusiasts from Mumbai from shooting a wedding movie to short films – Alistar Bennis an actor and Lionel Lewis a filmmaker conjointly started RoadHouse Production in 2013 to bring their dream of walking on the Red Carpet to reality.

For Lionel short films are starting point where he is learning and improvising his skills with camera, direction and everything as he aims to shoot big feature films in future. He wants to make a portfolio with the help of these short films which will help him to get into FTII, Pune. He is currently studying communication and theater at the university. Lionel thinks that reality is all about movies, what we see daily around is a movie, so he wanted to present those pictures through his eyes to the audiences.


Alistar who enjoys the joy of acting and feels every moment just like telling a story started acting at the age of 16 when he joined a small college theater group. He believes that life is a journey which counts on the quantity of experiences over quality. Currently he is studying performing arts at the university. For him, films are the medium which gives him joy of re-living the moment again and again and share that moment with others. He met Lionel during his junior college in his theater group where they became good friends. He is an actor and Lionel is a filmmaker with common dreams so they started making films together. Officially their production house made 4 films till date out of which one is in post production.

Alistar 2
In his early days, Lionel wanted to have a Mercedes-Benz so, one day he asked his father to buy him one and got a reply “Son when you grow old earn your money and buy it for yourself”. Another day, he was passing across a street and he saw a bunch of kids without cloths, suddenly he realized I want Mercedes what do these guys want and it struck his mind that they need education. We sat back and analyzed the situation and came up with the idea of inspiring people and make them realize the value of happiness. They thought about it, Lionel worked on the story and finally came up with the concept of “1000 paise richer”. Alistar told us about a memorable incident happened with him while shooting “1000 Paise Richer”. In the movie he acted as a cobbler and when he was away from his crew few people from the crowd came towards him to get their shoes clean. In the same movie Lionel had to steal electric pole from the lane to arrange light for the shoot. Later these instances made them laugh and they also admit that these are part of the difficulties and learning.
When asked about the major constraints they told that funding is their major constraint other than getting permission to use public places and right people who are as excited as they are. “It’s a tough business, if you don’t have passion for it do not go for it and once you are in never give up” – they sign off.

Link to 1000 paise richer –

We wish both Alistar and Lionel all the very best for their future.


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