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Filmmaker – Santosh Padwal – work profile

BY stagephod

Filmmaker – Santosh Padwal – work profile

Santosh Padwal

Mumbai/ Udaipur

Work Profile

  • Production Manager, MAM Movies, YES! I am the change film-making project Ahmedabad, Gujarat (May – Jul 2013)
  • Assisted with Audio-Video Coverage & Still Photography for MAM Movies, 2013
  • Facilitated film-making workshops with young people in the age groups ranging between 16-30 in cities across India.
  • Associated with Jan Satyagraha camping during 2011-12 , led by Gandhian leader P.V Rajagopal.   It was a historical mass awareness campaign which helped the society and state in working together for securing the dignity , identity and rights to the marginalized community in India
  • Fly Again Production (Thailand)
    • Made a film with focus on Alternative Education. Gained new exposure and improved skill set in Cinematography and the latest technology used in Film Editing.

  • Worked at Shikshantar Learning Centre Udaipur, helping make documentaries on various topics for them and their collaboration with other NGOs. The topics ranged from Alternative Education, Vaccination to Zero-Waste and Healthy Living.
  • Collaborated independently with individuals in Udaipur to make films and spread their message through online videos. Worked on independent films on Natural Farming, Harawal Cycle Initiative, Cooperative Game.

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