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HappyKraft Films Profile

BY stagephod

HappyKraft Films Profile

The idea of HappyKraft sprouted with the observation that the other side of the globe has reached new heights in sophisticated storytelling and advertising.

Corporate Films, Promotional Films, Event Coverage and even Wedding Films are being produced like never before within customised budgets yet stellar visuals. Determined to pull ourselves out of the rat race and club all our creative and monetary experience in Bollywood we decided it’s time to test our one common complaint during those drunk nights – WHY CANT WE DO WHAT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLOBE IS DOING!

Our first project was for Soh Touch MakeUp Artistry run by Sohini who has a similar attitude. She wants Indian women to stop being safe and explore the exciting art of makeup. She insists that getting makeup done by an artist can be interactive and it doesn’t require you to play Statue. She was clear she didn’t want to make tutorials. We were clear we wanted to bring out the personalities of her clients and have great production value. Do have a dekko at our work here –

We understand you might be confused about this whole business of video making thing. Don’t worry, give us a call, and let’s make awesome stuff together :-).

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