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All you want to know about Video Making Process in India

BY stagephod

All you want to know about Video Making Process in India

Updated On: May 2018

Videos influence your user to purchase more. And after the advent of youtube and facebook videos, a video content is now a giant contributor for conversion in any kind of digital marketing.

Video marketing is ruling digital marketing space and it is going to rule for a long time.

Small videos help B2B and B2C startups go viral. Longer videos, on the other hand, work well in telling an emotional story with a strong message which stays with you for a longer time.

So if you are a marketer it is important to know the process involved in producing a video.

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Internet is flooded with the step by step guides for making a digital video or a film for that matter but no one is going to tell you the operational nuances and everything that adds up into the cost of making a video .

But do you know how video is beneficial for your brand?

Do you know that video marketing can help you in SEO? You rank high on Google search if your video is SEO-optimized. There is more to it.

Video marketing can help you in SEO. You rank high on Google search if your video is SEO-optimized. There is more to it. 

75% of all internet traffic will be video in 2017


A cleverly selected image thumbnail will increase the chances of someone clicking on it. And these videos can be easily embedded in a website or shared on social media. A 1 or 2-minute video is sufficient for your customers to understand your product.

The fact is, what a text blog can’t do, a video can do.

You might have a great product and a strong marketing strategy. You can also hire some marketing experts but making a quality video will still be a challenge. Because you can have a hard time in finding a suitable video maker who is creative, affordable, professional and understands video marketing.

That’s where this post sits best. Here I am taking you all through the process of video making in India from setting up an idea to closing the deal.

Know the Video Making Process

  1. The company provides a detailed requirement to the production house or a creative agency.
  2. The creative agency then creates an initial draft of concept . (Remember: Concept is the most important part in the entire video which cannot be overlooked unless Salman Khan is acting in it 😛 ).
  3. Once the script is finalized, both the parties sign a service agreement.
  4. The production house takes 50% advance and starts the video-making procedure.
  5. The creative agency or the production house submits the first version of the video.
  6. After incorporating all the feedback, the production house completes and delivers the final video.

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Type of Popular Video Formats

Explainer Videos:

An explainer video is a short, animated video that explains your product to your customers. You can also create a product pitch with the help of these explainer videos. These are generally animation videos

Marketing Videos:

All the ads you watch on tv or youtube which are increasing the brand recognition of a business, are marketing videos. These videos are both fiction and non fiction and  mostly are live shoot.

Web Series:

Web series are the small episodes of videos for digital platforms like Youtube, Facebook or mobile apps which are written to engage target netizens . Web series if made effectively is the most efficient way today when it comes digital video marketing.

Viral Videos:

The name is enough. Several factors are responsible for making a video viral. It can be the face value of the influencer in the video, your promotion strategy, launch timing, a relation with controversy or emotional content.

Corporate Video:

Videos made by the corporations or organisations to increase their brand awareness are corporate videos. Other than this, corporate videos also solve the training purpose, interview and placement purpose for the corporations.

Client Testimonial Videos:

Simply put, these are the review videos that we make for you by recording your customer’s reaction. These can be partially fictional or completely real depending on your campaign requirement.

Questions you should think through before approaching any Production Company

  1. What is the objective of video? It is extremely important to understand why you want a video at first place. With why, you must answer “how” this video will help you in increasing your business.
  2. Type of Concept: Do you have a script or reference video in mind? For example if you want to make a video similar to Amul you can refer to it. Or you can propose an outline of the concept of script.
  3. Type of Video: Do you want a Live Shoot Video, or an Animation Video, or a mix of both?
  4. Are you making the video for facebook or Youtube? Most of the clients we  talk with don’t understand the difference between a Facebook video and a Youtube video. You must be clear about the platform you want your video to be promoted.
  5. Duration of the video: Do you have any previous experience with the video campaign or have any industry standard in mind? Or you think a 1 minutes +- 10 seconds video is sufficient?
  6. If it is a live shoot video, do you need the creative agency to provide models and voice over artists, or will you arrange it?
  7. Similarly in a live shoot, you want a celebrity face or any actor?
  8. What is the maximum budget you have (A maximum budget gives an idea what quality can be delivered)?

Things that contribute to cost

A video has several elements which decide the quality of a video, hence the difference in pricing. A video on the same concept can be made with Rs. 50,000 and also with Rs. 50 lakhs+. Video maker’s proficiency, actors capabilities, Camera and lenses, lights, sound and voice-over artists, editor, production quality etc are some of the primary deciding factors of the quality of a video. A budget video is made with budget equipment and artists but a high quality needs high end equipment and talented artists with large fees.

Three  things you should care for Making Video

Concept rules

Concept (or Script) is king in a video unless you have a Khan  acting in it. More than half of the work is done if you have a good concept/script in hand. A good concept with average video/ production quality can also go viral but not the vice versa.

There are no set rules

Anything which is executed intuitively can go viral. It’s not that animation is better than live shoot or vice versa. Similarly there are no set rules when it comes to models, camera or video makers. Your video may go viral if you have prepared a solid promotion strategy.


This is a known fact that video should be as short as possible as that is the USP of a video – explain more in less. Having said that if you can create a good subscriber base or fan following on youtube, longer videos can also work.

Being an outsider, we did not know how video industry works but this weakness also became our greatest strength.  We used, common sense, Jugaads and client first policy and make in roads quickly and effectively. 


So now you know every practical thing about video making process in India as a marketer.

So what are you waiting for?

Acquire clients and generate revenue by creating a viral/awesome video. Post your video requirement here.


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