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Requirement of a video maker for Wowtables

BY Akhil Gupta

Requirement of a video maker for Wowtables

Need a video to create visibility and increase the awareness of the brand.Context:

Where do we currently stand : Why the re-branding was necessary  was explained through the Fine Dining Revolution campaign where diners wanted fine dining to be more accessible and trendy. While we spoke about our new avatar making fine dining trendier and more accessible, we didn’t mention why ‘WowTables’ specifically met the objective

How can we do that? : Talk about what specifically happens at WowTables all over, not only from a functional perspective, but on an emotional level as well.

How does WowTables do this? : WowTables adds a bit of magic, surprise, intrigue and delight to every fine dining experience, courtesy:-
the mouthwatering food / curated menus
the personalized service
moments/memories that are created off the table

The opportunity: WowTables & competitors through their positioning and communication have focused on the functional aspect of the product/service, but have missed out on the uniqueness of tapping into what goes on off the table as well. How fine dining sparks new relationships, how it strengthens bonds, how it connects people after years. In a nutshell, WowTables creates & strengthens relationships that have a huge impact  and hence creates moments/memories that last forever

What are these special fine dining moments?:
Birthday – Celebrating a birthday with friends
Business Deal – Clinching a business deal over a meal
Award – A CEO celebrating an award with his team over a WowTables meal
Rekindling old friendships – meeting friends after 5 years at favourite restaurant
First Salary – Taking parents to their favourite restaurant with your first salary
New friendships – Start of new friendships over a meal when acquaintances bond at a WowTables experience
Proposal – Popping the question over a romantic WowTables meal

The message: Celebrating what happens not only on each WowTable, but what happens off it as well.

How does our service actually come into play? : Every WowTable brings an element of surprise, delight and intrigue to it that actually acts as a catalyst and facilitator of moments/memories and relationships

What happens off it? : Laughter, celebration, curiosity, happiness, reminiscence,  happy tears,

Showcasing various scenarios and moments shared by existing (fake) WowTables customers through social media, blog, newsletter in the form of a video
Asking customers to share their favourite fine dining/WowTables moments to win an intimate experience of their choice/free experience every week to relive the experience all over again with their loved ones
Populating social media with moments and creating a gallery of top fine dining moments.


Budget: INR 1,50,000

Location: Mumbai

Interested film-makers and production houses can contact at below mentioned id with your work profile.Email Id:

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