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Video requirement for ServeLastmile

BY Akhil Gupta

Video requirement for ServeLastmile

Marketing video : Needs mix of graphics & message. Innovative theme, good quality background & narration. Time should be limited to 3 – 5 mins.
Introduction – Set the background

Last Mile, the last leg of the supply chain that physically reaches the end-user’s premises. With 53% of the entire logistics cost, it remains not only critical to eCommerce but also to brick-and-mortar retail units and allied consumer services. In India the burgeoning necessity of Last Mile services demands innovation, cost effective and smarter operation to establish an end-to-end intelligent supply chain.

Show the problems:

In India, the last mile runs on conventional mode with focus on volume than quality.

Problem 1. Even today delivery agent runs with physical run-sheet in hand

Problem 2. Sorting / Schduling / Routing all manual now – result huge human effort in planning and hours of waiting time for delivery agents

Problem 3. customer / supervisor can’t track last mile delivery – Until at the end of day when runner comes back mother center and reconciles

Problem 4. no standard way to manage peak vs. off-peak demand on delivery and consumer services – call vendors at eleventh hour and give premium rate

Problem 5. huge runner attrition due to far-shore deployment & less monthly salary

Problem 6. delivery happens today, demo happens tomorrow, installation happens 2 days later

Introduce ServeLastmile:

We introduce “ServeLastmile”, a company poised to build next generation Last Mile services. We invest on innovation & technology and focus on delivering a 360 degree solution that brings value to all associated stakeholders.

Show what it solves:

– Local SLM service center for
1. cost effective
2. efficient delivery
3. leveraging the space for multiple clients
4. chance for delivery / service agents to earn more locally

– Integrated workflow:

1. Planning (show in sequence) : Source Integration => SLM Assignment => Delivery Agent Assignment [ready 1 day ahead]

2. Next day delivery work flow (show in sequence) :
a. mini-truck starts from mother center, touches the SLM service centers and drops the bags
b. SLM service center spoc opens the bag, scans the packs and hand over to delivery agents (biker, message should go to                      take cyclist & walkers shortly)
c. delivery agents & consumer services agents start for fulfillment
d. delivery agents & consumer services agents start come back for any unfulfilled / return
e. SLM service center spoc reconciles
f. mini-truck comes for collection and reached mother center
g. taking care the reverse logistics & consumer services leveraging the same framework

– Making customer happy
1. Providing the delivery information much earlier
2. Giving reschedule facility
3. Providing real time last mile tracking
4. Giving opportunity to collect from SLM service center

– Running thru technology
1. Restful API integration with any source system
2. Integrated mobile apps for end-to-end workflow
3. Real time status sharing with Merchant / Service Center & End Customer
4. Operation automation to limit human intervention
5. Focus on Google Analytics on smarter scheduling / route development & optimization

Numbers to share:
1. Reduction in Cost by 10%
2. Reduction in Time to delivery / service by 20%
3. Reduction in Attrition by 25%
4. Increase in Delivery Success rate by 10%

Closing statement:
We believe in technology,
we believe in operational innovation,
we believe in localizing the service delivery

And we believe in building ServeLastmile, the most trusted brand in “Last Mile” services…


Budget: INR 20,000

Location: Pune

Interested film-makers and production houses can contact at below mentioned id with your work profile.
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