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Enjoy the journey. Don’t fall for funding when you can bootstrap – Rachna Ghiya


Rachna Ghiya is a city mayor of Entrepreneur Cafe’s Jaipur chapter. She organizes informal meetups for entrepreneurs and a successful entrepreneur herself.  Read on to know more about her and her journey.

#1. Tell us about your life journey in brief?

Life journey in brief.  Seems tough one to answer.

I am a believer in destiny but that doesn’t mean that I sit with my hands folded to see how things may unfold. I did my schooling & graduation (B.Sc – Maths) from Jaipur. During graduation, I worked with an Internet marketer in Jaipur, the first person who introduced me to the world of Internet marketing. I learned a lot from my first job and then went for doing MBA (HR/Marketing) from IBS Hyderabad. Somehow my destiny made me return to Jaipur & I started working with a Jaipur based company. I joined them as an Online Marketing executive & got promoted as Brand & Marketing Manager in 3-4 months. I started enjoying the journey but at the end of 2.5 years I got this bug of entrepreneurship. And felt I was trapped in a 10 to 10 job that somehow restrained me from living my life my own way. Though I was given the flexibility of doing things my way but being in a corporate, there are certain restrictions to live by. My parents were really happy with my settled job but I was not. I quit my job & that was rather shocking for my parents. I never knew what will I do after quitting the job but I knew that I am not enjoying it & need to look for a way out. During my notice period, I explored what I can do to earn my livelihood & also to enjoy my life. I started taking small international projects related to Internet Marketing and started working as a Brand Consultant with domestic & international companies. After working for one year as a consultant, I found that visual marketing is growing & many small businesses are looking for an affordable video provider. I knew that animation is costly because of the time involved & started looking for a way out. During my journey as a consultant, I explored tools for video designing & produced few videos using those tools. My clients enjoyed it and I thought to introduce this as a venture. That’s how I started with CrispTalks – a venture that provides affordable animated videos made using DIY tools.

#2. What prompted you to become City Mayor, Entrepreneur Café?

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was actually looking for a community of entrepreneurs to have meaningful discussions. I stumbled upon few, joined their meet-ups & found that they were mainly presentation focused & not discussion & interaction oriented. I came across Entrepreneur Cafe on LinkedIn & got connected to the founder Nikhil Agarwal. When I studied more about this community, I found that they are focused on discussions in an informal setting. Their concept is cool – free to join & based on buy-your-own-coffee concept. Jaipur chapter wasn’t too active and wanted to make it a buzzing one.


#3. What type of events you organize and why?

On behalf of Entrepreneur Café, I organize informal meet-ups focused on topics related to startups and business. Here’s the yearly calendar:–dates.html

I relish interactions we have in these events. People don’t hesitate in asking questions because they know that it’s a community that supports them. Everyone attending the meet-up has experienced the ups & downs of the startup journey. So when I do an event on Business Plan, we don’t talk about theory rather I invite startup founders who got funding or made their business plan and actually know the practical aspects.

#4. What is your dream/ vision?

To live life to the fullest.


#5. What difficulties you face in this role?

Organizing a meet-up is not a simple task. You have to make sure that every meet-up helps people in one way or the other. It sometimes becomes difficult for me to organize it every second and fourth Thursdays of the month while solely handling my own venture  But somehow things are streaming in the right direction & people are enjoying the meet-ups which push me to keep conducting these.

#6. What inspires you or keeps you going?

I am motivated by my desire to learn more.

#7. Any fun/ memorable incident so far in this journey?

The day I saw myself covered on the front page of a renowned newspaper of Rajasthan.


#8. What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in organizing startup events?

Keep it simple. People are not interested in talks rather they prefer a platform that gives them an opportunity to interact and discuss.
#9. Anything else you’d like to share?

Enjoy the journey. Don’t fall for funding when you can bootstrap & grow up your baby (venture) in your own parenting style.


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