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How to create videos like Khan Academy and scale your startup

BY stagephod

How to create videos like Khan Academy and scale your startup

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by Salman Khan, an educator.

They provide free tutorials across the world and have got their first donation from Bill Gates and tech support from Google. It will not be wrong to say that it was not the idea which made them popular, but the ease with which they are educating people.

Khan Academy makes simple and easy to understand videos which are very helpful for students to understand the syllabus. They have made their business large with one core philosophy to make expert created content available free online to anyone.

But really, how did they thrive in it?

If you are following Khan Academy and want to make similar videos like Khan Academy, then you are onboard with us. Stay munched to know what all hardware or software are being used in Khan Academy videos including some free tools in it.


Khan Academy doesnot hide anything from their audience.

If you pawn through the website of Khan Academy, they have mentioned the software used by them to create videos. They are- Camtasia Recorder/Studio ($200), ScreenVideoRecorder ($20), SmoothDraw 3 (Free), Microsoft Paint (Free) and Wacom Bamboo Tablet ($80).

So, essentially, you would entail tools for screen capture programs, drawing programs and graphic tablets as hardware. The Basic steps involved in making tutorial videos would be to prepare your lesson, record your drawing and narration with the video screen capture program. brings you methodical details on each and every tool used in Khan Academy Videos to help you create similar videos with an affluence.

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Screen capture programs

With these programs, you can record what you need to draw using the drawing program and your descriptions. You can use the following software for this-

Camtasia Studio

It is used by Khan Academy, which lets you work on fine details like embedding hyperlinks, highlighting areas of the screen and edit pointers. It helps you create more powerful videos without having to be a video pro. According to PC World “Camtasia [Studio] has evolved from being the go-to program for software demonstrators to a full-featured education/information video tool”.

Camtasia Studio is used heavily by instructional designers as it allows them the flexibility to create content, publish and distribute to learners on time, without involving too much cost and labour-intensive training. It also offers a basic version of their software known as Snagit.

Learn how you can make a stunning intro of your theme using Camtasia Studio with this video.

Camstudio (Free)

It is an open source program, basic but effective indeed. It aids you to produce AVI and Flash Movies.


It allows you to do a basic video capture of your computer screen.

There are other many free programs like “Snagit”, “koyote”, and “free screen video capture” which gives you the simple features to capture full screen and create flash movies.

Drawing Program

These programs are used for on-screen writing and the best part is that almost all famous programs needed for this are free.


It is a neat free-hand drawing application used by Khan Academy. SmoothDraw3 can be integrated with a graphic tablet to produce good results in spite of the fact that it is very lightweight and simple to use. You can indeed forget about learning any software tools and create amazing pictures like a professional.

Check out this video – How to use Smoothdraw3?

There are many other free programs which can deliver you same results as provided by SmoothDraw3- Windows Paint, Pencil, and GIMP.

Hardware- Graphic Tablets

Hardware such as a graphic tablet or Wacom bamboo tablet will allow you to draw or write on a tablet.

You can also go for ShowMe, an iPad app which lets you write with your finger. Wacom tablet is also a popular substitute for mouse which allows you to paint, draw and navigate your computer to a more natural position. Click on the link given below to see how a cartoonist is using a Wacom to draw cartoon.

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