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Why your business needs an explainer video?

BY stagephod

Why your business needs an explainer video?

YouTube has billions of visitors every month which corroborates the boom of videos and the apt reason for why it should be an important part of your business? They are easy to comprehend, affordable and have proven effective in growing business. Here are some reasons why your business needs an explainer video.

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Video are fun and people love them

Audience loves them as they are visual. According to studies, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. We are visual creatures and we love things that are appealing to our eyes. Video is really easy to understand. Even if you belong to a verbal category, you will still love the video as it is both verbal and visual.

Increase sales

This is the most assertive reason you are working hard for your business, c’mon accept it. According to a recent study published in Forbes, it was revealed that 40 % of the executives revealed that they would call a vendor after watching a video and according to the survey of Video Rascal, 85 % of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Stats prove that video increases your brand value. If you are just starting out, then video is indeed an effective way to deliver information to everyone.

Easy Product Introduction

When telling about a product through a blog or an article, you are leaving people with their imagination. The video is a more realistic way of explaining about your product and people gain a better understanding of your product or service in a better way. It works best if you are working on technical products since they are often difficult to explain to a non-technical audience.

Better Google Ranking

Google or any other search engine shows a preference for web pages which consist of content, images and video. Add an explainer video to your site and link it to other pages such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to increase your results on a Google search. Including a video will also increase the time visitor spend on your website.

Tell them about your culture

If your company is new then people would want to know about the company also and not just about products. Tell them about office culture, how you celebrate occasions and other unique things about your company. For this, you can create video in a creative way by using interesting characterization, music, and animations.

Easy to share

Most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading the text and this indeed can help you in getting traffic. You do not have to confine your videos to your website only and you can take an added advantage of YouTube, which has billions of users and more than half of it comes from mobile. Add target keywords when you add videos on YouTube which will further help you in search results.

If you are also looking to get an awesome explainer video for your business/ startup/ mobile app, submit your requirement now to Stagephod – India’s most trusted place to get digital videos done.

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