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7 Tools to Create Animated Explainer Videos

BY stagephod

7 Tools to Create Animated Explainer Videos

The best way to connect people emotionally with your brand is to create an animated video conferring your idea with that. Animated videos can transport people back to their childhood days and they are more likely to buy that thing which connects them to their innocence.

Businesses and Entrepreneurs all over the world yearn for innovative marketing campaigns to promote their brand in a unique way and animation is one certainly an awesome way of doing that.  


Videos these days are kept as small as possible, keeping the momentum of the idea to be promoted and has become an important part of social marketing or for successful marketing campaigns.

YouTube has more than one billion users each month validating the fact that video is one such successful genre to traject your idea to the onlookers. The animation is one step next when you plumps to etch your idea, ingeniously in a video format.

Many startups these days are creating videos to endorse their brands and to attain target audience. These videos tend to entreat more people as they enlighten the point in the matter of few seconds. Gone are the days when creating an animated video was an expensive and time-intense activity. You might not even need huge funds to create animated videos to add fluff to your content marketing strategy.

So, here are the best tools to create animated videos for your startup.

#1. Adobe After Effects

Used in the post-production route of television production and filmmaking, Adobe After Effects gives you an access to some of the amazing features such as web services of Adobe Creative Cloud Marketplace, mobile applications like Adobe Shape and Project Candy, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Most people get terrified from their complex features but it categorically has some incredible easy features which can be used for basic 2D animated videos.

Check out this tutorial designed for new Adobe After Effects users and learn all basic features in just 20 minutes.

#2. Apple Motion

Apple Motion is used to create 2D and 3D compositing for visual effect, titling for film and video production and to create and edit motion graphics. It is a downloadable graphic app for Mac OS X and there are many prominent features provided in it like motion tracking, vector painting, and 3-D compositing. It has an easy user interface and even novices can easily create videos using this tool as it is much simplified and easy to comprehend.

Learn all about the motion graphics in this video.

#3. Creaza

Is it tricky to teach your kid? Creaza has a solution for you as this tool is particularly for school children. You can create storytelling animated videos for kids in an easy and artistic way possible. It has whopping 30 themes encompassed with a huge number of editing tools which you can use to enrich the overall look of your animations.

Check out this video to learn how to create and edit cartoon video.

#4. GoAnimate

The most outstanding feature of GoAnimate is that it has a very easy user interface and is perfect for making high-quality animations. You can create videos using this tool quickly without having to spend hours on it. This tool can be best used in creating a video presentation or tutorials using animation to make the viewing experience extremely enjoyable. It is indeed useful for corporate professionals, teachers, and students.

Animate your own video is easy now with GoAnimate. Watch this tutorial and learn how you can create animated videos.

#5. Make Web Video

Short of time and want to create HD and high-quality animation video? Well, Make Web Video is definitely for you. You can create animated video just in few minutes by using this tool. There are a number of animation design templates available in this tool and you can even add text to these templates. The best part of this tool is that it is a web-based tool and you do not have to download any software to create animated video as you can easily create them in their internet browsers. This is not a free tool and you will have to buy it, but the quality work it produces in a short span of time makes it a worth deal.

Watch this video to learn how you can create a professional whiteboard animation.

#6. EWC Presenter

Looking for options in animation effects? EWC Presents give you that freedom to choose from a long list of templates and effects. It has an extremely easy user interface and covers an array of templates made for users and a wide range of diligences. You can add images and content by using its drag and drop feature. There are also many tutorial videos covered on the website to explain you its features in a brief.

Create professional anime video using this tool and learn about the awesome feature of drag and drop system through this video.

#7. Wideo

This works like a charm for small businesses or startups who wants to create animated advertisements to attain target users on a budget. The best part of this is that it is in beta form and free to use. You can create short informational videos using images from your personal library or by selecting a template from their library and customize it according to your requirements. Ever thought making a video would be so easy and quick? It is indeed now possible with Wideo.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create an animated video from scratch.

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