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How can you pitch to investors through a video?

BY stagephod

How can you pitch to investors through a video?

Ever wondered why you only get 10 minutes to pitch your idea to the investors?

This is something commonly known as a succinct or influential sales pitch to create interest in your idea, project or product.

Although you get 10 minutes for a pitch but in reality, you only have initial 60 seconds to engage the audience. Rest 9 minutes goes in briefing.

But you cannot give an effective pitch always. Either you will look amateur in your initial few pitches or you will look dull in the last few. But all pitches being equally effective is a myth.


No, there is a way. If your investors spend time online, you can make a video to pitch your idea and to get their attention. If for once you got any investor’s attention, you have all the time to explain your idea and believe me, in this approach, the investor takes first step to approach you.

The video is indeed a quirky way to create a spark among investors about your startup.

Pitch videos

Videos are short, crisp and to-the-point, which most of the investors are looking for.

Videos have a greater tendency to create a humane connection, which becomes really important and favorable when dealing with investors. They see thousands of pitches and yours is one of them, you can stand out your idea with an interesting video.

Here is how….

Hook them with a story

Everyone loves story. In fact scientist has now proved that human mind is tuned in a way to love good story [source]. If you can tell a beautiful story through your video, you will for sure get the investor’s attention. A video is a great resource for visual story telling where the human mind don’t have to do any extra labor to visualize the story.

Make your pitch video with a compelling story and win the game.

Every second is important

Initial 8 to 20 seconds are most important because if you have to get a human attention through your content, you must engage them before the 8th second ends. Make sure that every 8 seconds of the video is catchy enough to grab people as they are soon going to start checking their email or WhatsApp in they get bored.

Problem and solution

Story works in a 3-act-structure. Start your story with a genuine problem. Tell the story through a problem and make sure you give a climax where you will describe your attempt to solve the problem. Then give them the solution.

The story should clearly address the problem your startup is solving.

Keep it simple

Avoid using high tech words, the idea is to make the investors believe that they now understand each and every measures related to your business. As soon as you invoke complexity, the investor will lose interest.

Most people make mistake by not understanding the power of simplicity.

Earn credibility

After telling them about your idea, you can explain the investor about the traction you have had in the video itself to earn their credibility.

Yes, the video is an asset and if it gets good traction, you have a case study, a story, to tell.

Target market

Include everything related to the market you are targeting. If possible, bifurcate your market into TAM (Your Total Available or Addressable Market), SAM (Your Segmented Addressable Market or Served Available Market) and SOM (Your Share of the Market).

Ah, if you are an MBA it is easy to understand but don’t worry if you are not. The full form explains everything about these terms.

How are you going to make money?

This is the most important part of the video as investors tend to care about. This part a lot for some obvious reasons. Be very explicit with each and every detail involved in your plan to make money from your idea.

Don’t say you are not here for money even if you are not. If an investor is investing in your idea, they must have some figure to get in return.


This is again very important part and most of the time slides don’t give those particulars about your competitors.

You can make the best out of your video part by giving enough details about how you are so different or better from your competitors. You can even use some funny animations in this part to cajole them through amusements. Work like a charm!!

Team and office

This is indeed the best part of using video in your pitch as you can acquaint your investors with a team and your office in a well subtle way. Share important details about your team and why they are the right people for your startup.

Get in touch with us now if you are looking to raise investment and need a video for that purpose. Submit your requirements here –Yes, I want to raise funds through a video.

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