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How to write a video “title” to make your video viral in India?

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How to write a video “title” to make your video viral in India?

Three out of four people click on the link based on the title and if your description is catchy enough, they are assuredly going to watch the video. When David Ogilvy, Father of advertising quoted “On an average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar,” he was indeed so veracious especially when it comes to social management. Many startups churn out many videos as a part of online marketing to garner potential traffic for their website, but they are not much successful in their itinerary. The one possible substantial reason could be failure in creating SEO friendly title or social media friendly title.


Search engine optimization is a vital part of running an online marketing campaign. The important role of SEO is to make your website easy for both users and search robots to understand. We know the video that you have created is splendid, but what’s the point of so much sweat if your video doesn’t show up in search results. This is a common despairing issue among new startups as they create videos with really high optimisms. having pioneered the market of viral videos brings you some explorations on how you can get viral on social media just by optimizing your video title and description.

Find Keywords for your title

Do proper research of keywords before writing a title and description for your video as they should have the keywords you are targeting. You can use Google Adwords to get seamless ideas in creating a title. You can also use long tail keywords as it brings better conversions, but don’t go much blatant in using multiple keywords for your video description or title as search engines can chasten you for doing that. Try to insert title at the beginning for better ranking in search results.

Flipkart did a fantastic job with this title- “Flipkart Matlab Bilkul Pakka – Easy Exchange & Returns”. They smartly put the keywords “exchange and return” inured with creativity.

Short and To-the-point

Keep the title short and crisp for users so that they get stirred to read what is there in the content. If you want to target long tail keywords, try to make it short and within 70 characters. All the videos posted on YouTube entails ‘YouTube’ in the beginning of the title, so you have mere 60 characters for the title. Remember, social media plays an important role in traffic generation and small title content is easy to share on social media channels.

Quikr video titles are tremendously short and to-the-point. Their “Bech de” video marketing campaign melody is niftily successful.

Clear-cut description

Couldn’t put everything in the title? Well, you have a video description as a savior . As we cited, 3 out of 4 people would go through the content based on the title but the rest 1 would plug your video description very sincerely. Make your video user-friendly for search engine and eloquent for users by inserting targeted keywords in your video description.

Check out the narrative in this video created by Ola Cab where there have gelled up creativity along with crusty small video description.

Add creativity

Don’t miss to add creativity to your title along with SEO as they can help you stand out from the competitors. The title should excite your target audience about the content, you can ask them a question or give them a solution in the title itself. Try to be ingenious for your titles but do not mislead what you are trying to convey to your audience.

When Myntra launched ‘Bold is Beautiful’ campaign, they knew this was something every woman will relate to and would want to watch.

Take opinion

The last but most important, do not forget to take an opinion from experts. Discuss with your marketing team and colleagues before finalizing the title as it is something really essential for your business and you would not want to take a chance at that. Bring out different options from the team and select the best one for you. You should know people will connect this video to your brand, so you might want to portray your title in the same tone.

We hope this article helps you in finding the best title for your video. If you are looking for awesome video makers in India then get in touch with us now at Stagephod. Submit your video requirements here.

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