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8 effective ways to cut the cost of your video marketing strategy

BY stagephod

8 effective ways to cut the cost of your video marketing strategy

Video plays an important role in making your business more trustable and visible to the audience. It gives you an impressive ROI, and helps you get the real conversion.

But it is more than vital to remain economical and cut the cost of your marketing strategy. Video production and Video marketing are two major parts of any video. So, let’s understand how you can cut the cost of your video marketing strategy.


Cost Reduction in Video production

#1. Search for your own talent

You can reduce the video cost by casting your friends and family members who are willing to help you. You can also use lots of great voiceover talents for free from various websites available such as or by employing a voiceover talent at a cost which you can afford. This will certainly save you a lot of money.

#2. Create your own script

The best way to reduce your video cost is to craft your own script and this will be beneficial too as you have a better idea about your product than the video makers. The primary mode should be to inform your users with a story, that your product is the best solution to their problems and never mind about the features but add each and every benefit your product is giving to all viewers.

#3. Find freelancer video producers

There are many freelancing websites these days which help you get in touch with the right fit for you. He/she will be able to help you out in style frames, storyboarding, and sound design. Make sure to check some samples of his work for a better understanding of quality and style.

#4. Opt for indoor location

When shooting, you should go for indoor location instead of outdoor or better shoot the video at your place of work if it’s an explainer video. It is an affordable option and many startups are shooting in offices these days. All you will need to take care of is accessibility, sound control, and visual interest.

#5.  Create short video

If we talk about the budget required to create a video then every minute you add to the video will also increase the amount of money the video will require to produce. This is indeed the best way to reduce the cost of your video to keep your video to the point and concise.

Cost Reduction in Video marketing

#6. Take care of the SEO department by yourself

This is an in-house thing and many startups make the mistake of conveying this work to marketing agencies. You can easily take care of this department of your own. When done with the video, try to make it SEO friendly by inserting proper keywords in the title and description. Give a link to your website in the video description and add around two-three primary keywords in the video description. This will help not in YouTube search but in Google ranking also. Don’t forget the tags to increase the visibility of your video to users who are already watching similar videos.

#7. Don’t forget other platforms

You can share your video on platforms like Dubsmash, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine etc. They are fast catching up in India and have a huge user base in terms of an international audience, so that will also help you in targeting a global audience. Using these platforms will give you a lot of visibility to your content as these services can only be used with smartphones. You can market your video on facebook. It gives you an enormous opportunity in promoting your brand and you can easily do that just by uploading video natively to Facebook to give it the desired space on your page’s video content library.

#8. Get rid of that strategy which is not working for you

Better realize it earlier than regretting it later!! If you find out that one of your strategies is not working for you then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible and replace it with something new. It is just costing you money and not doing anything for you. You can take a decision by keeping a close eye on performance metrics such as a number of views, engagement level and the number of conversions it is giving you.

Get in touch with us now if you are looking to create a quality video in your budget. Submit your requirements here –Yes, I want to create a quality video in my budget.

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