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What kind of videos go viral on youtube and why?

BY stagephod

What kind of videos go viral on youtube and why?

The key to success for your business in the social world is to create high-quality content that people would want to view and share with their network.

Ever since Google has acquired YouTube, it has become an inevitable part of marketing. 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and undoubtedly you have some staid competition there. Creating relevant content for your target audience is one of the significant parts of video marketing strategy. Here are some tips if you are looking for content which can go viral on YouTube.

How to do videos

YouTube has become an eminent destination to anyone looking for a way to do something with ‘how to do videos’. It can be anything from ‘how to download videos on YouTube’ to ‘how to play guitar’. These videos have an edge over other videos when it comes to search engines like Google, Bing etc. and they work best if you are trying to get your YouTube channel on the front page of YouTube search. This video ‘How to play Pokemon go’ is just 1 month old and already has enormous views.


People love informative content and facts has a brink over all sorts of content. Create a video displaying facts of any venture or any product such 10 mind-blowing facts about YouTube or 5 remarkable facts of Kim Kardashian. Note that these videos have a soundtrack instead of commentary and try to make these videos as short as possible. A classic example of this- ‘Weird facts about women’ by Buzzfeed.

Success story

If nothing works, rags to rich concept are always available for you to garner some serious engagement. Create a video about a person who has risen from poverty to wealth or to heights of fame. Ever wondered how come all motivational videos have more than millions of views? People love the motivation and what could be a better way to motivate people than showing them the real story. Almost 2-3rd of world billionaires made their fortunes from nothing, trusting on grit and determination. No doubt why this short documentary on the early life and success philosophy of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger garnered so many appreciations.

DIY (Do it yourself) videos

DIY is more popular than ever among the younger generation as they do not want to spend their fortunes on things they can do by themselves, plus it is fun too. It is a trend which is becoming more and more popular as people continue to share their personal tips with others for cheap and easy-to-do things. Many DIYers like Torl Spelling, Lauren Conrad and Gwynets Paltrow have made prosperities with their DIY channels. Check out any DIY video by yourself for sumptuous views.

Product reviews

It is not surprising that more than 90% of internet users goes through the online product reviews before buying any product and this is where you have your potential audience. Start your video with the opening of a box and go in depth by revealing each and every specification about the product. The product could be anything from basic lip balm to a phone to a bike. The best part of making this kind of video is that you just need a single camera and you have your video. Why each and every video of RaceGrooves get millions of views is a brilliant substantiation.


Big viral marketing pranks, when done rightly, are a great way to get your target audience to your platform. A lot of people, fell victim to an internet prank that actually makes no sense in the real world, but who cares? You are getting an audience, right? From flashy flash mobs to mock murders, the majority of prank videos gets enormous views. Type the word prank in a YouTube search bar and get amazed at dazzling views.

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