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How to choose the best music for your video

BY stagephod

How to choose the best music for your video

Looking for a track for your video?

Well, the first thing before browsing the internet for music libraries should be to understand what exactly the purpose of your video is.

You need to know the type of the video you are creating. What is the goal of your video? Entertaining or informative? The process of creating a video can be necessitated with many complications from selecting the perfect track to finding the right music to the process of configuring the tune. But worry not as we bring you a few tips in helping you decide the best music for your video.


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Browse music libraries

There are many music libraries which have different licensing agreements and price points. You can access some online music licensing libraries if you need more featured music. You can search for your video with various filters such as organic versus an electronic score, instrumentation, different genre and sonic density.

There are many different libraries to consider,,,,,

What’s the mood?

The mood or vigor of a song will decide the tone of your video which comes from many things such as lyrics, sound density, instrumentation, genre, and tempo etc. Do you want to make them excited for your brand launch or want to convey any emotional message? Whatever the mood is, the great way to shop for songs is to split your screen and play your video with or without music.

Take the license

You should have a license or written permission before you use any copyrighted material otherwise you might have to take your video offline afterward or may get into legal action as well. So, make sure you take a license from a music provider and before uploading to YouTube, remember that the license explicitly covers the commercial YouTube use.

Real instruments

The instrumentation is a great way to convey the message of your video in an effective way. As we have noticed, music tracks created by using digitized instruments can look corny. So, make sure you are using the music tracks produced by using real and organic instrumentation. You should also take care of the fact that instruments and sounds, when jelled up, should not compete with the vocals.

Loop tunes

You can easily construct a customized soundtrack of specific length by combining individual loops. The audience won’t care much if the background music follows a hip hop or some emotional gig. So, if you find a good, but short section of a song then loop it. Repetitive loops don’t create many negative effects and instead could work wonders for a video as it doesn’t need full attention. You can browse through many loop options in 15, 30, 60 seconds versions.

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High-quality sound

Do you know that music gets compressed and the quality gets lost when the video is uploaded? You might not be able to recall the difference between the full .wav version and.mp3, but it will matter, while sharing the video. So, use the high-quality files when you are uploading the final product. So, sound quality while recording and uploading is as important as using the real instruments.

Don’t overvalue background music

Remember, it is a background music and not your brand anthem. So, keep it in a light tone while creating a video as it might distract your audience from the real message. The goal of the video should be to provide enough ambiance and to give full heft to production within the toes. Ignore high instrument changes, intensity or other sudden volumes for drastic build-ups.

Finding a budget

Your budget will depend on the fact whether you are going to buy any track from music library or going to hire a music composer. If you need to create a series of videos or your video has multiple moods, then hiring a composer would be the right choice. In another scenario, you will have to pay for the license. So, select your budget according to the requirements.

By taking these simple key decisions, you are now closer to understanding the style and feel of music you wish to see. So, go ahead, put it together and enjoy!!

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