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Important Things to Remember While Creating Product Demo Videos

BY stagephod

Important Things to Remember While Creating Product Demo Videos

In my last startup, one of the toughest challenges I faced was the inability to connect with people on an individual level and this is the common whinge of many entrepreneurs as well. I think the best way to overcome this challenge is to create product videos. When people see your product and get a briefed explanation, the personal connection makes a compelling pitch.

According to a research revealed by Social Media, 64% of viewers feel compelled to buy a product after watching a product demo video. You can use your product video to inform your audience about the various features and benefits of your product.

Having faced the similar problem in the past, when we got the opportunity to create product videos for clients Doubts Class, ZingUPLife, Trendbrew, and Opiyn etc., I knew what I wanted and somehow got efficacious in that too. In the same milieu, we bring you a few tips to create an effective product demo video.


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Prepare a script

You may know everything related to your product, but explaining the same to people needs preparation and organization. This is where the script comes into play so that you can convey the information in an effective way. Create the script to help you cut out the filler and make sure the content you are providing is compelling and engaging. It should appeal to your audience with not just the features of the product, but the benefits of your product.

Keep it short

Your video should give a basic idea of what your product or service does and how it could benefit them. Don’t try to add more, else you will dilute your message. Make your video not more than two minutes and limiting yourself to the length will help you include only important features and benefits.

Make it budget friendly

If you are a bootstrapping startup, then hiring a professional video maker can be a pain in your pocket. But that should deter you from creating a video. Instead, you can reduce the production cost by using some affordable tools like- Sparkle- to create doodle and whiteboard videos, GoAnimate- a drag and drop tool to create animated videos, Camtasia- shoot your video screen and do some light editing.

Use a professional voice

Nothing could be worse than degrading your video with bad audio quality. Investing in a professional voice is a must if you want to engage your audience. You may be able to find a good voice, but the polish and delivery that the professional might provide will make a huge difference. Forget about impressing them enough to entice them to buy a product, you might just irk them with immature voice. You can get some really good voice-over artists from

Videography and photography:

One of the key things to keep in mind while shooting product demo videos is to have a good HD camera at your disposal. If you have good high quality professional camera you’ll be able to take compelling videos and still photos which will enhance the overall appeal of your video.

Because if you don’t get this thing right, you won’t be able to produce a HQ video.

Side note: If you are a photographer, and you want to know how you can monetise your photography skills then you can click here to read this post from our friends at Fat Llama

Viral video shouldn’t be your goal

If a video goes viral, then it’s a dream come true for any marketer, but it is something not desired for product videos. Product video is more of an informative video where your goals should be to inform viewers about your product, its qualities and how it can help them. Out of all the types of video content, there are rare chances that product video will go viral, so remove that from your goal list as you could end up spending a lot of unnecessary budgets.

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Include a call to action

So you have told your audience everything about your product. Now, what? They are not going to take any action until you tell them how to proceed next. You can add a link to promotional offer such as a coupon or discount code to the product to encourage them to try or buy the product. You can even give them additional information like your email id or a phone number to call.

The video may not be the best medium for every product, but it indeed boosts conversion rate. We hope these tips help you make an awesome product demo video. Are you ready to start creating videos but don’t know where to start? Submit your requirements here – Yes, I want to connect with people through a product video.

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