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Beware! Your priorities will change soon…

BY stagephod

Beware! Your priorities will change soon…

Thought Process

Boys love sports but girls are either ok with it of hate it. But when your girl is enjoying a cricket match with you, the fun just doubles. In this video when there is an extreme environment of fun, the guys priority have changed because of a new product that he just saw on his phone.

Video Synopsis

Husband and wife are watching cricket match and they are wearing the dress of Indian Cricket Team.

While wife is enjoying cricket, husband is busy in his mobile and he is completely ignoring the cricket match and his wife’s interest in it. His priority now is an app in the mobile.

Wife’s mood is spoiled by her husband’s behavior and she puts the cushion between them but still husband is giving priority to the mobile app.

Ideal for

– A newly launched chat/social media app or a gadget update.

– Dating site.

– Upcoming event or party.


If you want to purchase this video, just drop an email at ntayal[at] or call me at +91-8290072676.

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