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Our Product has Side-effects!

BY Akhil Gupta

Our Product has Side-effects!

Thought Process

Normally girls take time to get ready but here the twist is that the boy is taking time too long to get ready. He is busy with the new product/game and forgot even to go to his best friend’s party.

Video Synopsis

The girl is standing outside the room knocking the door to the guy who is taking too much time to dress up.

But inside the room, the guy is not even trying to dress up. He is busy with some app on his mobile and is so overwhelmed that he is not caring about his partner who is standing outside the door, knocking and shouting.

The product really has the side effect of making people forget about their party, family and all other enjoyment.

Ideal for

– E commerce mobile app.

– Game app, Chat app, reading app, video content app, dating app

– A new technology is launching, a new update in the phone or a new electronics/mobile/bike model launch.


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