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A filmmaker must know all the technicalities to achieve the treatment he has in mind of his film – Jannardan Mehta

Janardan Mehta-I am the Supreme-God-stagephod

Read on to know how Jannardan Mehta made a short film – Aham Brahmasmi- I am God.

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief

I do not have a fix team, I know couple of technicians whom I have worked with when they were assistants in their departments and I was an assistant director, or those whom I have met at some point of time and seen their work and know their sensibilities. It’s important to know that you can not be fully dependent upon a crew member, because they deliver according to your (filmmaker’s) vision. A filmmaker must know all the technicalities to achieve the treatment he has in mind of his film. A filmmaker has to be a good communicator.

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

I was believer of God because my father is a religious person. But as I became mature, I saw there’s lot of suffering in the world and noticed that God is a false belief created by people to hide their weaknesses. Personally, I observed lots of setbacks in spite of being honest and truthful person. So, I turned atheist and realized you are alone in your journey of life. Thus this idea of ‘the story of a man who turns atheist and realizes the divine power within himself’ was born.

Janardan Mehta I am the Supreme God stagephod

What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

Finding enthusiastic actors and musician, sound designer who work for minimum to no budget  to a rented police gypsy,  I did it all single handedly.  Of course,  I got good help from Chirag,  who was the lead actor in the film.  He called his actor friends to do some roles in the film,  he also got his car to transport the crew to locations in the night shoots.  The film is shot 90% in night as per  demand of the script. So there was no problem of unnecessary public attention.

What recognition did you get for this short film?

I and my film are appreciated by notable people of film industry like Ketan Mehta and Ravi Varman and film is making its way to various upcoming  film festivals.

Janardan-Mehta-I am the Supreme God-stagephod

What advice with you give new / aspiring filmmakers on making a low budget film?

Work on your scripts and go for making the film.  Have patience. Be sweet to people, because you are not paying them or paying them too less.  Film never happens, you have to make it happen.
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Watch “Aham Brahmasmi- I am God short film| Teaser | By Janardan Mehta” on YouTube –

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