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A leading car pooling mobile app company is looking to create an animation video

Requirement: It will be entirely an animated video, no shoot will be required.

No voice-overs/background music (at least for this job). For now we just need a half-minute video, wherein the video will be used to showcase the concept of car-pooling (by comparing it with the situation where several cars with just one occupant each are clogging the roads). We will supply some raw data and statistics which will need to be creatively embedded into the video (e.g. in the form of info graphics) to create an impact in the viewer’s mind and motivate him/her to take up the habit of car-pooling.

Length: half a minute

Budget: USD 60 (maximum)


Interested filmmakers and production houses please contact at below mentioned id.

Email Id: stagephod(AT) Note: If you also wish to submit your requirements regarding any short films/ videos like company video, product video, music video, web series, Commercial ad video, after movies, video documentation etc. please email at stagephod(at)gmail(dot)com.

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