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An independent filmmaker encounters far more opportunities to grow than the number of difficulties he faces – Venky AV

Venky AV stagephod

Venky AV who started as a dancer in an early age, worked in ad films as an actor and now opted to make short films. Read on to know more about this young and proficient filmmaker.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

It has truly been a wonderful journey so far. I started off as a dancer when I was just 7 years old and later began appearing in TV shows as a child artist. That’s how I got introduced to the entertainment industry. By the time I was in my late teens, I was working in TV commercial and film sets as an actor. It was then, that I began to observe the process that happened behind the camera. During the setup and break hours, I would chat with the light guys, sound engineers, assistant DOPs and assistant directors to try and understand how each unit worked in tandem. Before I knew, I had developed immense interest in film making and here I am making short films with a vision of making Indie films and full length feature films in the near future.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

I consider myself a storyteller. Though I am not an extroverted person, I suddenly transform into this vibrant personality the moment I have to narrate a story to someone. I find films to be among the most artistic and creative medium for conveying a story with the potential to have a far reaching impact. I remember one of my directors once telling me, “Stories that are verbally told can die out in no time but a film once made, lives perpetually until destruction”.

Tell us about your team, if you have?

I have achieved what I have in film making purely because of my team and my seniors. I have been schooled in film making by my seniors at work; Mr. Mehul Gadani, Susheel Rankawat and Vikki Tiwari from Value Vision Entertainment. I have benefited a lot from their constant guidance. Akash Vadhel, a fellow director/ producer is also someone to whom credit is due. Apart from them, my team consists of immensely talented DOP duo: Ravi Ranjan- Kaushik Patra, Music Composers: Sooraj Bishnoi/Dennis Jey, Creative Director: Satish Lakshman, Graphics and Art: Rajkumar Agarwal and Chirag Parmar.

Venky AV - stagephod

How many/ What kind of movies you have made?

I have written and directed about 4 short films, an upcoming reality show promo and a couple of corporate and digital ad films. My films are not restricted to any particular genre, I just take up any subject that gets me going. You can catch some of my work on my Official YouTube Page “Venky AV”:

What is your dream/ vision?

My dream is to establish a strong foothold in this industry as a versatile Actor/ Director.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

My experiences have taught me that an independent filmmaker encounters far more opportunities to grow than the number of difficulties he faces. When I couldn’t afford a screenplay writer, I simply saw an opportunity to learn how to write. Later, when I had shot my first film I was absolutely clueless on how to edit or for that matter, which software to use. My senior, who is an expert in editing, simply sat next to me with his hands folded and made me edit the complete film. What felt like the most painful 2 days of my life while editing, has now empowered me to approach any script at its very first stage with a vision of how the final edit should look. I am not only the director but also the spot boy and everything in between on the sets of my film.

Venky AV_stagephod

What inspires you or keeps you going?

My inspiration comes from my parents. They have come a long way and blessed me and my siblings with a wonderful life. I would be a great man if I can end up even half as good as them.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

I think I was 10 years old when I was shooting for some TV show. I was scared and stunned beyond words when I heard a light guy in the set scream,”Baby ka mundi kaato!!!”. I was able to calm down only much later on learning that he was only referring to the baby light and not an actual baby.

Venky-AV - stagephod

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in film making?

It’s okay to not know how everything is going to work out but it’s not okay to wait forever for that elusive right time to come, when you will begin making films. Get out there and roll your cameras! Theodre Roosevelt had once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

I request everyone reading this to watch my latest release “Pencil”. Its a Critically Acclaimed Film released for the first time on web by With Mother’s Day here, it’s our Tribute to all the Mothers. Hope you like it!

For Pencil- The Short Film, click here


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