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Be clear about what you want to share and why, and give people an emotional reason to come back – The CG Bros

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Read on to know more about a prominent youtube channel – The CG Bros.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

The CGBros started out from humble beginnings and we set forth in this fantastic journey as enlisted men in the ‘digital art infantry’ – and became the cannon fodder for the Hollywood studios as we were immediately thrust into a fierce and an unrelenting battle in the CG/VFX trenches!  We survived. This challenged us and gave us a real appreciation for the varying differences in the quality of CGI that surrounded us.  This insight can only be learnt, and it is what we want to pass on to those with any interest in CG.

What prompted you to start TheCGBros?

To create believable CG, it has to have a basis in something real, and when planning for our projects, we found that we were wasting weeks of productivity searching for high quality reference material, resources and examples to not only help visualize our projects, but to inspire us to break through those frustrating “creativity blocks”.  So, we began to curate our educational and inspirational examples into a centralized HUB for quick and easy access whenever and wherever we needed.  We knew it was too good of a resource to keep to ourselves, so we began sharing the HUB with everyone that we worked with – on the condition that they would contribute an example of their best work to the HUB in exchange, and to share it with one other person. Then, we said to ourselves…we could really help the people that come after us. So we started TheCGBros to help inform, educate and inspire not only those interested in CGI, but others looking for new ways to present their ideas and stories.


Tell us about your team, if you have?

TheCGBros began as two brothers and are now made up of a loyal collective of digital 3D/Animation//VFX professionals that have worked together in the digital animation/gaming/VFX industries across many different projects, for many different companies, in many different places all over the world. Our love of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in all its forms and the technology behind it is what binds us together as bold pioneering “Artists of the New Millennium”.

What are your dreams/ vision?

Our vision is to bring to everyone, HD-quality professional CG content, insights and digital inspiration from around the world where they’ll find only the best and latest in Digital Art creation including VFX, 3D Animation, Student and Independent Short Films, Motion Graphics Design, Behind The Scenes/Breakdowns, 3D Software Tutorials, and much more…
What difficulties do you face in making the videos/ running your group?

Honestly, the biggest challenge is selecting the best works to feature on our channel.  There are so many great artists, techniques, and breakthroughs in the digital/Computer Graphics business that there is always something new and interesting.

The CG Bros-stagephod

Who/ What inspires you or keeps you going?

Lots of coffee!  Oh, and what really gets us excited are inspired, emotional, and well thought out storytelling.  Unique and interesting characters, settings, and situations are what really move people emotionally.  That’s a major reason that we started TheCGBros. We wanted to create the premiere repository or “go-to” resource and showcase for the newest and best in 3D/VFX short films and examples in digital art excellence, enlightenment, and creative inspiration where anyone can easily contribute, find, watch, and enjoy learning from the finest in digital 3D and CGI examples created by both top professionals in the industry, and the best in the up and coming talent pool.

What are your future plans with respect to your channel/ group?

We want to bring even more exclusive creative insights/content to our subscribers by expanding our network from ‘YouTube only’ to several other outlets/venues focusing more on reaching further into the artistic community by developing strategic partnerships with market leaders in computer/digital graphics/animation creation and products.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

Yes, a stupendous, monumental, and totally insane moment did occur, however we have sworn a solemn oath never to divulge it to any living soul, lest we suffer a fate more horrible than 1000 deaths.

The CG-Bros-stagephod

What advice would you like to give to someone who is interested in starting a YouTube channel or starting on his own?

The first piece of advice that we can give is to be yourself, and be true to your passion/vision.  Be clear about what you want to share and why, and give people an emotional reason to come back.  Secondly, be patient.  To risk a cliché, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and honestly most of us won’t become a PewDiePie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do extremely well if you stick to it.

Anything else that you would like to share?

There are many great resources for individuals looking to gain entry to the knowledge needed to begin working in CG or YouTube that don’t require spending thousands of dollars to get.  Think creatively and unconventionally.  That sets one apart. If you’d like to get synced in to what other artists are doing today, and get a glimpse of what’s coming in the future, visit us on YouTube at TheCGBros.  You’ll find what you need to save time and money, and the inspiration to drive your personal and professional projects to the next level.

Whether you’re into 3D animation, Visual Effects, Short and Independent Film, Motion Graphics or just looking to have some fun and learn something new…TheCGBros have got you covered for all things CG.  Your inspiration is guaranteed! So, be sure to subscribe, and tell your friends about us.
TheCGBros are always looking to showcase the best and latest in exceptional student & Independent Animation Films & Showreels, as well as BTS or experimental works from every area of Computer Generated Imagery…and beyond!

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