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Content is king. Make sure your content can be reached to a huge audience – My Promo Videos


‘My Promo Videos’ whose videos under the “Know About India” initiative reached 1 lakh views each and were declared as the Youtube channel of the day during the release. Read on to know more about them.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

Mypromovideos was started in the year 2009. Since then, we have done more than 150 videos and still counting. We give our best to all of our videos but there are some of the videos which got us lot of attention.

We started with four of the co-founders and now we have a team of 15 functioning from Coimbatore. We have worked with some of the top startups and enterprises in India. The video “The beauty of Red” we created for a social startup called Menstrupedia on Menstrual awareness among young women have received the best video award from an elite hollywood jury in 2014.

Two of our videos under the “Know About India” initiative have reached 1 lakh views each and we were declared as the Youtube channel of the day during the release. More than 70 websites/online blogs have featured us during the launch.

What prompted you to start MyPromoVideos?

Mypromovideos has started seeing the growing demand for video content creation. Later in 2012, we pivoted into explainer video industry where we innovated on explaining technical online products/services using simple stories through animations. Storytelling was always our strength. We thought we could provide world-class quality videos at affordable rates.

From then on our focus  shifted completely towards animated explainer videos. From being just an outsourcing company we started to become a brand. And we started getting the attention of top startups and enterprises.

My Promo Videos stagephod

Tell us about your team, if you have?

We started to build a team with a strong culture. Today our strength is our  team and they played a major role in making this company a one crore turnover company in last financial year.

What is your dream/ vision?

Our vision is to move ahead in this animation industry and create an international standard full length animation feature film. We would be releasing more short films in the future and participate in some famous film festivals to win awards. With that as a portfolio, we will be moving towards our big vision of creating a feature film.

My Promo-Videos-stagephod

What difficulties you face in making the videos?

We have evolved into a foolproof process and system which is helping us to remove the major problems during the creation of the video. Though we have few difficulties like tight deadlines & power cuts.

What are your future plans with respect to your channel/ company?

We would be scaling up in the next two years, in terms of the capacity of videos we could produce with more quality provided. We would be releasing more videos on our “Know About India” initiative in which we have already released two videos and reached 1 lakh views each.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

One such incident is when two of our co-founders met Ms.Aditi of Menstrupedia in Goa at a conference and later decided to do a video on Menstrual awareness for young women. The video has been a big hit and we received lots of laurels for the video. Recently it was broadcasted by BBC over radio and TV.


What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested in starting a youtube channel ?

Content is king. Make sure your content can be reached to a huge audience. Release videos consistently. Spend some time to market it as well. Gain subscribers, keep them engaged and you could be a youtube star one day!

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would like to share couple of our works

Beauty of Red –

Know About India –

Payzippy (Flipkart) Explainer video –

Team Video (old) –



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