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Do not wait to perfect your craft or a big idea to strike; Just start! – The Free Spirit Project/ Shiv and Tejasvi

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Shiv and Tejasvi run The Free Spirit Project which true to its name is run in a free spirited way. They are holders of an award instituted in partnership with the United Nations. Read on to know more about them and their initiative.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

From two boys in college, who set out to do what they love doing without having any training or past experience, to being holders of an award instituted in partnership with the United Nations ‘ sums up our life journey.

Tell us about your initiative?

What started as a random idea over a cup of coffee for a website to connect artists from different backgrounds ( chefs, tattoo artists, musicians ) finally culminated into a film production company called The Free Spirit Project founded by Shiv Verma and Tejasvi Gulati, The Free Spirit Project is a creative endeavour to make films about and around issues that can do with some vocal support.

The Free Spirit Project stagephod

What prompted you to start this particular initiative?

The lack of good, responsible, sensitive, creative yet entertaining content on the internet is what prompted us to start making the films that we did. The digital space today is littered with content that has been created to win the click-war but we have full faith in the potential of the internet to bring people together and talk about things that matter. The internet is as reformative as entertaining.

Tell us about your team?

The Free Spirit Project, as the name suggests, is fluid and free. We believe in the power of collaboration and have therefore made a conscious effort of not having a sacred team structure. Our team changes with every project.

What is your dream/ vision?

To keep raising issues, sparking off conversations, igniting off debates and keep leading socially responsible lives.

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What difficulties you face in running your initiative?

We as a production house are sure of our production and ideas, but what deflates us as creatives is the lack of appetite for meaningful content. Since we do not pander to the click-race, it becomes very difficult for us to get our work across as many people as it deserves. But we will never give up the fight because we have ‘12 reasons’ to believe in the power of our work .

Any fun/ memorable incident?

While shooting for ‘ Tere Mast Mast Do Nain ‘, our most successful film till date, we called people at six in the morning to CP without them having any prior information about the film and the idea. Fortunately for us they all landed up there and after a barrage of abuses helped us shoot the film that got awarded by the United Nations.

The Free Spirit Project-stagephod

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested in starting on his own ?

START! this is the only piece of advice we can give. Do not wait to perfect your craft or a big idea to strike; Just start! Learn and absorb as many skills as you can. Learn to multitask and learn to run naked!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just the links of our films! Some views will do us a world of good!



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