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If you don’t struggle then success will not be that charming – Kallol Mukherjee

Kallol Mukherjee-stagephod

Kallol Mukherjee who pursued engineering by force but found his passion in filmmaking. Read on to know more about this dreamer.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

Engineer by Force but Filmmaker by choice. I was born in Shrerampore, West Bengal, and brought up in Jabalpur. I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jabalpur and now I am pursuing  my engineering  from Gyan Ganga college.  Actually engineering was never my dream but for a middle class family, other than doctor and engineer if you dare to think something new then you are a criminal.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

Actually I was very much fond of writing stories from my childhood, but no one was there to read it. Then I thought about writing a novel and publishing it out but soon after reading some novels I realized that when you read a novel the story differs from person to person. Every reader imagine things at his/ her level. I personally hate engineering because in private colleges, it’s a way to do business not teaching new things to so called engineers. Frustrated ,I then decided to think out of the box and started shooting short films and replicating my stories and fortunately people started appreciating my work and after that I didn’t stop and never want to stop.


Tell us about your team, if you have?

No filmmaker can survive without a team. We run a group by the name PARADOX BOX. Our team has many talented personalities like Siddharth Pandey our creative head and best actor for me, Aditya Mishra another director and production head , Anwar khan the best AD I can work with. Gaurav Dabral our music man and a talented rapper. Nitesh Kori man behind all the graffiti in our films. Mohit Pandey for visual treat. Hradayesh and Ratnesh for producing my first film, Lehar Namdeo for believing in me and working in my first film. Himanshu Gautam and Moiz Ahmed as our support system

How many/ What kind of movies you have made?

I personally believe that a storyteller should be flexible in writing and directing a film. I made movies on social as well as inspirational subjects. I think a movie should have good content and surprising elements which actually catch the attention of viewers.

Kallol Mukherjee stagephod

What is your dream/ vision?

My dream is to be better than I was last time. I want to convey my ideas and films to each and every person on earth. My dream is to touch feats of Mr. Christopher Nolan and Mr. Anurag kashyap.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

Being an indie filmmaker it is very difficult to survive on your ideologies. For general people if you don’t have big cameras and everything big then you are crazy. Middle class family will not support you. Funds for film are very difficult to get. But as they say  if you don’t struggle then success will not be charming. And hence I love my job


Any fun/ memorable incident?

There are many but one incident that stands out is that while filming for one of my short films,the entire station road of our city got jammed,we were obviously unprepared for such a situation,seeing this few rickshaw-walas came to our aid, things got so out of control that all we could do was to protect our cameras and laugh.

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbee in filmmaking?

I think I am not that big enough to advice newbie but one thing I want to share is that they should be dedicated and ambitious and success will come to your feet automatically.

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