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Don’t think of money when making films, try to earn people, their faith and passion – Nirjhar Mitra

Nirjhar Mitra-stagephod

Nirjhar Mitra who was brought up in a small town and gets inspired by the art work of great filmmakers. It helps him a lot to make of his own. Read on to know more about this filmmaker.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

I think I had completed a very short distance and miles to go before I sleep. Basically from an unorthodox but middle class family in Jalpaiguri (North Bengal), temporarily settled in Kolkata.I had my schooling there in Jalpaiguri and completed my graduation in science.Small town upbringing and small sentiments of those people always helped me a lot in my journey.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

An urge of framing a story and telling it in my own way which drives me to make films. Everything happening beside me is trying to tell me some stories in its own style and my job is to absorb those sentiments and frame it to cinema in my own style.

Nirjhar Mitra_stagephod

Tell us about your team?

I am lucky to have such a team.If tomorrow I take a decision of making a film as huge as Titanic with Zero budget,then these men will not tell me that my idea is Utopian or insane, but will stand beside me and help me to do so in a new style.The only thing that I am proud of is my team and their never ending efforts.

How many and what kind of movies have you made?

So far we made 5 short films in 6 years,and among those I had directed 3 out of them.Others are directed by my friends,Shayak and Nilanjan. Recently the project i am working on is an action drama short film relating Daud Ibrahim Kaskar. Its releasing on youtube on 23 rd April. I am also planning for a feature film this year, working on that in pre-production phase.

Nirjhar Mitra stagephod

What is your dream/vision?

My dream is to make more and more films and tell my stories to a larger audience. I want to join those who have an urge of telling new stories independently.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

Like all other independent filmmaker money is of course an issue that we had to overcome every time. Technical faults also troubled me a lot.But on contrary why should I complain. When you have a very supportive men and women around you then you can fight with anything. I am thankful to God for those passionate souls.


What inspires you and keep you going?

Answering this a bit philosophically, life inspires me to live more actively and contribute for cinema. The art work of great filmmakers helps a lot to make my own.

Any fun/memorable incidents?

While shooting an action sequence for My name is Daud, I forced my friend actor with a massive and bloody knee injury to perform continuously several times and provided him the medicine after 10 hours. I need mercy for that sort of cruelty.This incident is not funny but a memorable one of course.


What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in filmmaking?

I myself is a newbie. But while advising my colleagues I will surely tell them that don’t think of money when making films, try to earn people, their faith and passion. These will be of much more importance to you for independent filmmaking.

Anything you would like to say?

To the heavenly power, just keep me healthy so that I can work more more and more.

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