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Film banane ke liye paise toh chaiye lekin behtarin film banane ke liye ek attitude hona jaruri hein – Krishan Hooda

Krishan Hooda stagephod The Last Audition

Read on to know more about how a prominent filmmaker Krishan Hooda made a short film – The Last Audition in minimal resources which later got selected for Hanoi International Film Festival 2014, Vietnam.

Tell us about you and your team in brief?

The Last Audition exemplifies great teamwork. I can only describe my team including myself who are in the industry to make films with their efforts and talent.

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

The story is about every struggling actor who auditions to get a role in small/ big project. It’s about how audition becomes the only struggle of an actor’s life in the initial struggle phase. And this is true; we have witnessed it all.

What all prominent “Jugaads” you do to make with minimal resources?

When a filmmaker decides to make a film his only aim is to make a film with finesse.  At any given cost, at any given time. The biggest Jugaad I did while doing this short was multitasking! I do it in my every project. In reference to your first question, I want to elaborate this one.  The Last Audition was written, directed as well as cinematographed by me. With minimalistic resources, mainly in terms of finance & dedicated man power, I took a risk of Multitasking. Even the song I penned down “Yeh Filmy Duniya” was need of the hour.

Krishan Hooda stagephod-The Last Audition

What recognition did you get for this Short film?

The Last Audition made an entry in Shuruaat Ka Interval short film festival powered by PVR cinemas, PAN India as well as released too.  It was a proud moment for us when our short was officially recognized and selected at Hanoi International Film Festival 2014, Vietnam.

What advice will you give new / aspiring film-makers on making a low budget film?

It  is not I should speak of.  Every film teaches you if you’re ready to learn. But I’ll say something I strongly believe in, “ film banane ke liye paise toh chaiye lekin behtarin film banane ke liye ek attitude hona jaruri hein”. You should know you role better as a filmmaker.

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