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Filmmaking is a team work and we don’t need any costly equipment. We just Need a good concept and enthusiasm to make films – Sai Rajasekhar Kommaraju

Sai Rajasekhar Kommaraju stagephod Lightning Media Productions

Sai Rajasekhar Kommaraju is a software engineer by profession but runs a production house for his passion – film making. Read on to know more about him and his team.

Tell us about your life journey in brief

Filmmaking is a team work and we don’t need any costly equipment. We just Need a good concept and enthusiasm to make films.

HI, I am Sai Rajasekhar Kommaraju, I do short films from our own productions –  Lightning Media Productions. I love watching films and I am a huge Trivikram fan. I am professionally a Software engineer and passionate for Movie making.

Lightning Media Productions where we make short films , videos and cover events.

What prompted you to become a film maker?

Though I am interested in sports and games, I am more passionate towards Movie making. So I started working to put my thoughts on screen and convey them in an innovative way.

Sai Rajasekhar Kommaraju-stagephod-Lightning Media Productions

Tell us about your team if you have.

Lightning Media Productions was started by 5 of us in 2012, Me, Sai Krishna, Rohit Nippani, Rahul Nippani and Ganapathi Sai. Currently we are around 12 people in our team. Also there are other people who work with us for any specific projects of their interest.

Sai Krishna works as a Lead Actor/Writer/ Direction Department, Rohit Nippani & Rohit Manne handles Publicity Managing, Rahul Nippani & Pavan Krishna handles DOP, Shantanu Tiwari works as Lead Casting, Kranthi Kumar assists me in editing.

We would love to have more passionate people joining our team as we expand.

How many /what kind of movies you have made?

We have made around 7 movies, Which Includes 5 Short films, 1 Video Song and 1 Documentary.We have made movies on genres like social cause, Love, Comedy etc.

Sai Rajasekhar Kommaraju-stagephod-Lightning-Media-Productions

What is your dream /vision?

My Dream is to ring the notification bells in the Social Media Platforms with the small films I make.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

Nothing was smooth as I expected , Initially I had no Camera to shoot and editing was a biggest difficulty,

To get a personal high end system was a big hurdle as I didn’t have one . But with great will I managed to overcome all the hurdles.

Just my passion and will made me to buy an SLR and a Desktop, and learned Video Editing myself.

Sai Rajasekhar Kommaraju stagephod-Lightning Media Productions

What inspires you or keeps you going?

The Support & Motivation of friends and family.

Any fun/memorable incident?

Choosa Choosa Video Song – Its a memorable moment to work as a team. We completed the shoot in 2 1/2 working days, which is the fastest completed film in our productions.

Sai Rajasekhar-Kommaraju-stagephod-Lightning-Media-Productions

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested in film making?

Working on a script is very important .Without a good script. It is really essential that you keep up the work and learn from your mistakes. Envision your film before shooting it!


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