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Joel Thottan and his friends run youtube channel – Weaver Films. They have made 3 short videos and all have got good response. Read on to know more about their story.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

The journey started off at a prominent cafe in Bandra, where the four of us met to discuss projects that we could do in the holidays. One thing led to another when Debdeep suggested we should make short films for this prominent organization. The deal didn’t work out and we went on to upload Chai. From then we did Human which landed us a great response. We did Back Story a few months back which happens to be our top ranking video, We’re making a fourth one soon. You’ll see in the coming weeks.

What prompted you to start Weaver Films?

As I said Weaver Films wasn’t weaver films but instead a pitch to a big company. The very fact that they disliked our movie prompted us to start Weaver Films as a channel. We’ve always wanted our movies to be a certain way. Right from writing to the final cut, there’s a certain vision that we have for the film and that kind of came out in Weaver Films when we pooled our talents together.


Tell us about your team, if you have?

Our team is just the four of us as co-founders. There’s Manish who is an amazing editor cum DOP cum director. Debdeep and Gaurav handle camera work along with production. I write the films as well as direct. We’ve had people helping us on sound. And friends who have been more than generous to act for free. Besides the people who help us by lending us locations. Ever thankful to them.

What is your dream/ vision?

We’re hoping to be a premier short film channel that tackles almost every issue and genre. We’re hoping to tap and carve into a niche audience of people who are looking for short films that break out of the mundane.

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What difficulties you face in making the videos?

There are a lot of difficulties when you’re 20 year old students in your final year of college trying to shoot on a tight budget. There are our families who are equally worried about us reaching home and focusing on our studies. There are locations, equipment, post production, actors, everything that needs to be handled in the small amount of money we accumulate. It’s difficult but we managed. The thrill is in the managing part.

What are your future plans with respect to your channel?

As I said, we’re looking into carving a niche audience. We also have plans of making films for clients which will probably be something to focus in on the long run.


Any fun/ memorable incident?

I remember post the shoot of our second film Human, we got done with the shoot at 12.30 in the morning at Mulund station. Both the actors and me caught the last train back home. We had to change two trains. My friend (who was one of the actors) and me had our first day of college the next day. It was a scrape through that night.

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested in starting a youtube channel?

The main idea is to get things going. A lot of people don’t focus on their content. We make videos once every 3 months but ensure it’s the perfect one. I would say focus on the quality with whatever minimum resources you have. The response will follow automatically.

Weaver Films stagephod

Anything else you’d like to share?

We’re releasing our fourth movie sometime next week so I think this is the first place I’m sharing it.

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