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I used to watch tv even when nothing was being played on it but a beep sound – Sarvesh Singh Hada

Sarvesh Singh Hada-stagephod

Vanishing art of calligraphy prompted Sarvesh Singh Hada to make a film on it and become a filmmaker. Read on to know more about this filmmaker.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

I studied philosophy, economics and mathematics in graduation . For my tuition fee i started teaching school students and later it turned out to be my profession when i founded a coaching institute with my elder brother. I was a lucky to have a family who love films and to born in a time when new wave of Indian cinema was emerging. That was a golden time when  Doordarshan used to be the only channel and that too for limited time. I used to see it even when nothing was being played on it but a beep sound. Doordarshan used to show all great  works by Bimal Roy, Satyajit Ray, Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Shakti Samant and all legends of indian cinema.

Tv serials were of another dimensions those days Hum log, Buniyaad,Tamas, Bharat ek khoj, Yatra, Nukkad, Katha Sagar, Ek Kahani, Srikant. I think, watched all these classic work in an early age developed a taste for  good cinema in me.

Since college days i was fascinated by camera. Later, i applied for film institute in delhi for direction but i couldn’t afford to go there leaving an established  institute which was a regular source of income for me to struggle in an unknown and crazy path of film making. Then i started reading books about filmmaking and watching world cinema.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

This was the time when i came in contact with a beautiful visual art form Calligraphy. When i attended and organized some workshops of this art in my town, i came to know the bitter reality of this art that it is vanishing quickly in our country in this digital age. This encounter turned out as a subject for my first documentary film “Tears of dancing letters”. I learned calligraphy and after seeing it in dying stage i took it as an opportunity to share the story of calligraphy with world using my amateur self learned skills of camera.

Sarvesh Singh-Hada-stagephod

Tell us about your team, if you have?

In my team we are only 3 Editors – Neetu singh ( a nice and very sensitive artist from nepal) , passed out from FTII, Durgesh Katkar (film director) passed out from FTII.

How many/ What kind of movies/ videos you have made?

Till now i have made only one film named Tears of Dancing letters . It was a documentary film on dying art of calligraphy. Since two years i am working on two other films based on some traditions of Rajasthan. Pre production of one of these is finished. Now editing and sound work is going on.

Sarvesh Singh Hada stagephod

What is your dream/ vision?

I am a part time film maker by heart so i never expected anything from my film making skills but i want to work on exploring Rajasthan.

What difficulties you face as a filmmaker?

Difficulty in independent cinema is to manage multiple things . Till now there is no fund so i could not hire any specialist technicians. I do camera, sound and direction myself.


Any fun/ memorable incident?

There are many incidents. While doing calligraphy project people started to take me as a calligrapher.

On another project whole village became friend and used to offer food and chai every time. Everything was free for me.

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in filmmaking?

My suggestion for anyone who wants to become a film maker or artist is to find some work to earn money and then you will be free for creative work. To expect some financial returns from your creativity is to kill it. Its a trap. Creativity is to make our life play full and its unhealthy to ask something in return. But then there are Commercial cinema which is business oriented . I cannot say anything about that dimension. Cinema as an art i am talking about.

Promo video of Tears of Dancing letters


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