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Always start as a poor startup, work slowly and don’t stop until you get what you want – Nishi Kant


This time we caught up with prominent startup enabler Nishi Kant who marketed the mega startup event – START UP; STAND UP India Summit cum Awards. Read on to know more about his journey.
What prompted you to start LeoEdunomics?
Vision of starting my own seeded during my MBA when I got the knowledge about entrepreneurship, startups, corporate professionals, who did extraordinary things in their profession. Startup bugged me – why not I can Start one day? and after that I always work for it whenever I get time. And Leo Edunomics initially aligned for providing consulting to the Students & Corporate. And now after lot of market development, research, innovation, opportunity we are positioned our self as Services & Consulting in some of the areas.

What type of activities you do/ events you organize at LeoEdunomics and why?
We provide market research, marketing & promotion, digital marketing, training & certification, workshop, summits & conferences. Some of are Startup events, leadership, professional development, skill development – Digital marketing, corporate event etc.

What is your dream/ vision?
My Vision is to build US $1 Billion companies in next 5 yrs through product launch, innovation, partnership, expansion in related business lines. Which help employment generation, rural development, youths development, social support.


What difficulties you face while running the show?
Various & different kinds of difficulties.
a. Filling the delegates/registration.
b. Marketing & Branding
c. Losses while running the events.
d. Non payment by companies or agencies after the execution.

What inspires you or keeps you going?
a. My self motivation.
b. My vision & dream to move ahead from all small hurdles.
c. Nobody get a success easily and need to work hard & work more.

According to you, what is needed for Indian startup ecosystem to flourish?
a. This is a big topic to discuss about, which I have already shared in my various blogs over LinkedIn.
Startup ecosystem is different in different part of the cities as I have been observing in metropolitan city like Mumbai, Pune & tier 2-3 cities like Ranchi Lucknow. There is a vast difference in terms of infrastructure, knowledge(awareness), skill set, maturity level etc.

Any fun/ memorable incident so far in this journey?
There are many but I always recall about our biggest project of market research for 8 Months for US client. How focus & madly I built the team we had great time in executing the project successfully.

What advice you’d like to give to a newbie who wants to startup?
Hmm, again I would it differ person to person. As per experience always start as a Poor Startup and work slowly,
focus, go out of the way, get some success & failure. Be passionate, energize about your dream & goals.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I would love to interact with startup fraternity & explore share our experience & new ideas. Keep blogging, tweeting.
Be open in thought, innovate. Don’t Stop until you Get what you want!


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