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Move out of your comfort zone and you will find unimaginable possibilities – Pawas Jain


Pawas Jain, a Chartered Accountant turned writer/ entrepreneur and wants to create one of the most respected and comprehensive digital media company of the world. Read on to know more about this passionate individual.

#1 Tell us about your life journey in brief?

I am professionally a Chartered Accountant from May 2014 batch. I practice Chartered Accountancy for a year after clearing my exams, but then finally moved on to run my own startup and scale it up globally.  Since a very young age, I was into writing when I created SpringTide in 2011, which was a youth magazine with the single minded aim of providing the youngsters of the country a platform to raise a voice on issues which matter to them. The journey started with that and rest is history.

#2 What prompted you to start The Tech Portal? 

My school friend and Co-Founder Deepanshu Khandelwal came up with the idea of The Tech Portal, during his college days. Back then, it was aimed at becoming a platform for research based articles and technology news. We came together with his editorial and technical skills, combined with my knowledge of Finance, Marketing & Business Development to create one of India’s leading digital media companies, Blue Box Media.


#3 What type of news you cover and why?
We are completely focused on reporting in the fields of global technology and startups. We wish to bring contemporary, mature and westernized style of reporting and serve it to Indian readers with quality content.
#4 What is your dream/ vision? 
The vision is to create one of the most respected and comprehensive digital media company of the world, grown out of India.

#5 What difficulties you face while running the show? 

The difficulties are manifold. The first challenge is to convince people about online reading, because India is still at a very nascent stage when it comes to digital viewership. We are trying to evolve fast, and make it as user friendly and people-oriented as possible with easy to use and minimalistic mobile apps, more video content, but it always remains a challenge. Plus, right kind of hiring is always a difficulty when you need the very best to create quality output.



#6 What inspires you or keeps you going? 

India is a land of inspiration. It inspires me every second, and the untapped potential and talent of this country keeps me going in every situation.  

#7 Any fun/ memorable incident so far in this journey?

Too many to count! Every day brings something new, something funny, something exciting and something unforeseen. Its a roller coaster ride!


#8 What advice you’d like to give to a newbie in this field?

Evolve, Innovate and focus on building the best user interface and serving good quality content.

#9 Anything else you’d like to share?

Move out of your comfort zone and you will find unimaginable possibilities.


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