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Its never too late to pursue your passion, the moment you realize it after that don’t look back – Saitan Production House/ Rajneesh Gautam

Saitan Production house stagephod

Rajneesh Gautam started a theater group Saitan Production House after studying in the best medical college of country and worked in few prominent theater groups. Read on to know more him and his theater group.

Tell us about your (founder’s) life journey in brief?

Like most of the middle class family dream, my parents were looking towards me to pursue engineering or medical. I have an inclination towards biology so gave exams, cleared them and took admission in the best medical college of country, University college of medical sciences. This is the place where i got a good amount of exposure of theatre from our college dramatics team MANCHAYAN. Later through the years i realized that Theatre is my cup of tea, this is the thing i want to do with my life.

What prompted you to start a theater group?

From 2009 to last year i had worked with a lot of theatre group like manchayan, roobaroo, illusionists etc. But last year we had got this idea about why don’t i create something new. Some original work of mine.

Why don’t i share whatever i have learned from those theatre groups especially ROOBAROO. So that was the founding stone of this whole thing.

Saitan Production-house-stagephod

Tell us about your team, if you have?

Our members are from varied and diverse fields. Ranging from Students to full-time professionals working people, we have everyone!

Engineer, literature graduate,  medical students to psychologists, statistician to a teacher and many more!

It’s everyone’s sole and soul love for theater that binds us together.

How many/ What kind of theater you have done?

In July last year, the group got off the block by staging its first play “The deadly sins”, a self scripted thriller based on the biblical Seven Deadly Sins. I directed the play, which is based on a fiction that explores different perceptions of the good and the evil. In this Christian mythological thriller, the seven cardinal sins mentioned in the Bible are presented in seven different acts. The main protagonists of all seven acts are Anthony and Luc Salvatore who explore gluttony, lust, sloth, greed, envy, wrath and pride.

This year in May we had staged our second play, Murder At The Empress.

It is a murder mystery based on a script written by Phillip C. Wagner under the same name.” For this play  we were associated with the Stage play society of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, ENTELECHY .

The group is now working on a play “DAAYAN D”, which is based on a woman who is accused of killing her husband and of practicing witchcraft. It’s a courtroom drama, with a tinge of suspense in it. We are going to perform this play in the last week of August.

There is another script on which we are working. It is a Hindi adaptation of Agatha Christie’s celebrated novel, Murder on the Orient Express.


What is your dream/ vision?

My dream is to take my theatre group to that level where people will remember us for our quality, content and ideas, feeling eager and waiting for our next plays even if they had watched a play of our group last night only. So that’s what i am hoping to happen.

What difficulties you face as a theater group?

Theatre is my love but love for it does not provide funding. Performing Theatre in established auditoriums cost a good amount, and there are very less people who are interested in funding for theatre. Even a large number of people are more interested in watching movies over theatre. We have got a good amount of audience which have faith in this art, but who will not love having more.

Saitan Production house-stagephod

What inspires you or keeps you going?

There are three things, first the love for theatre and creating something new, second the amount of efforts my team members put in it and third the most important, the response from our audience.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

There are few, but this one i will never forget ever, It happened on the day of our last performance. Our show was house full, and even after that i was getting calls and request from people asking for tickets. In that performance some of our audience watched the play by sitting on stairs and they were happy about it.


What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in theater?

Its never too late to pursue your passion, the moment you realize it after that don’t look back.


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