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If you have to make a film you gotta be BESHARAM – Jay Bhansali

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“Yesterday you were poised with big wings, today take a flight because coz less are the days to be big!” We met a young and dynamic filmmaker – Jay Bhansali. He runs a production house Veda productions and has made almost all kind of short films. Here is the excerpt of the conversation:

Tell us about you in brief?
I am a dreamer, an aspirer. To me film making is projecting your most procurred thoughts on the big screen. I started as an assistant for my uncle’s production house. Soon after which, I stepped out, got hold of a few like minded people and set off the radar!

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?
I always wanted to be a part of the process of making films as it always excited me but didn’t know what role I wanted to play in the same. But I remember once when in 9th std, I was just randomly walking on the road noticing people and observing their movements. Every eye had a story to say. Every wrinkle has loads of history stored in its dark thin lines. That one hour walk really inclined me towards telling their stories to the world through my lens. “We all are storytellers and we all have different mediums to convey them to the world, for some its painting, for some its dancing and for me its filmmaking”.
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Tell us about your team?
My team members are a bunch of like minded people who wanted to explore the world through their vision and wanted it to reflect back to the world itself. A bunch of youngsters, with the same passion of story-telling. My team grew over time.

What kind of movies you have made?
Veda has entered almost all movie types and genres which would include- music videos, animation films, graphic motion pictures, wedding film, documentaries, ad films and more music videos. I believe filmmaking is the way through which you can tell 1000 of stories.

What is your dream/ vision?
Vision behind every video or every work I do has been simply just one thought; I have to start thinking where my thinking actually stops. Vision is to touch people’s lives and inspire them to tell their stories through various mediums. I always had this dream of being on the top of the world and whenever you are lying in the graveyard, your life salutes you standing right in front of you with pride. Inspire people and make a place for yourself in the history of this world by being crazily stupid with your ideas and stories and yet believing in them that they could change the world. I have given myself 10 years (of which 1 year has passed) post which I want to be a step ahead of Reliance Big pictures or YashRaj etc. I want to make such films which will leave a footprint on the history of cinema.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?
Budget. Money Money Money!. But otherwise its lots of fun and you are like a free bird flowing with the flow of cinematic life.

Any fun/ memorable incident?
A memorable incident was when we’d a music video with a well known playback singer. We’d just three hours to shoot an entire music video since Sir did not have much time over this. He just flew in, gave an amazing shot and flew back! That inspires me! My work needs to take me to this level of perfection where people can count on me to get the work done with full zest, no matter what!

Jay Bhansali

What advice you would like to give to someone who is interested/ a newbee in filmmaking?
You have a lot of stories around and within you. Just tell them to the world and be the crazy one by not thinking twice before putting forth your vision as you should always be true to your characters and story. And if you have to make a film you gotta be “BESHARAM”. Also, filmmaking is not an individual game and it is very important to have a right kind of team.

What are the problems in short filmmaking domain in general?
What I have realised is that there is no market for short films and it is very difficult to monetize short films. The main problem in the system is that there is no unity among filmmakers. Everyone is trying to compete with each other and want to eat each other’s market. So because of all these constraints, independent filmmakers do not experiment. But having said that the market for short film is emerging. According to a study, average attention span of a user on youtube is max 5 minutes which give way to short films and short video. Also, you can see the content which is getting viral is short videos be it from The Viral Fever or All India Bakchod.
Anything else you’d like to share?
All I want to say is that never say you cannot do something or you cannot become Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan. Why would you want to be someone else when you can be YOU?! Keep dreaming big and with every moment keep reminding and telling yourself that “LESS ARE THE DAYS TO BE BIG!”. Whenever my life hits the lowest point, I just keep telling myself when I become big and there is an autobiography written on me; how boring it would be to read about someone whose life is just normal and stale, so whatever ups and downs I have in my life are just adding to the masala and the script which is in process i.e. My life. 

Some of the Jay’s work – 

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