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My dream is to be able to use the technology at my disposal to document the reality around me – Kartik Lalit/ Sixth World Radio

Kartik Lalit stagephod-Sixth World Radio

Kartik Lalit runs Sixth World Radio along with his brother – Ishaan Lalit. Kartik is a mechanial engineer but has passion in videography. Read on to know more about him.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

I am Kartik Lalit. A regular suburban kid 25 years old, who did engineering in school and was an underachiever mostly since class 10. Halfway through Mechanical Engineering in college, I picked up an interest in Public Relations and Marketing. Primarily because my mother and brother started writing and were not so good at speaking. In the world of social media PR meant good designs, continuity and constant innovation. Over the years, I have led multiple social media campaigns for media firms, had two failed events and a lot of learning which led to my interest in Photoshop and other designing softwares and also led to me rediscovering my passion in videography.

What prompted you to start Sixth World Radio?

I have always loved cameras, be they old-school Kodak point and shoots, or Sony HDRs. Video just stemmed from my love of photography. For a long time I had given it up, only shooting video or photo from my smartphone when they came into the market, but otherwise not doing it seriously. But one day me and my brother decided to start our podcast Sixth World Radio ( sixthworldradio) and I shot the first video off my MotoG camera. From then to now, I fell in love with the art.

Kartik Lalit stagephod

Tell us about your team, if you have?

My team currently consists of me and my Brother, an award winning author Ishaan Lalit. He writes the script, we storyboard and then we produce, I record, and we edit. Its a well oiled machine that leads to videos we shoot for our shows online. You can catch them all on our YouTube Channel sixthworldradio.

How many/ What kind of videos you have made?

I have shot over 50 videos as of Jan ‘15. Largely my Videos have been but I have also recorded for companies and NGOs The videos I have recorded are :- • Interviews • YouTube Shows • Events • Sessions • NGO promos

What is your dream/ vision?

My dream is to be able to use the technology at my disposal to document the reality around me. To explain that in brief, to document the real world, unslanted, pure and the human story instead of the constant garbage most media feeds to us.

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What difficulties you face in making the videos/ running your group?

Mostly, as I am relatively new, I face difficulties in the form of a good tripod. To be honest though, its the reaction people give to camera being on around them, Ignoring it seems impossible to most.

What inspires you or keeps you going?

I have always loved frames, the world in motion and that perfect stillness that comes at times. Its always had an enchanting feel to it. So, I don’t need inspiration so much as dedication to me going.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

Once, on a podcast I was recording, we were recording a session with a blogger I can’t name here. But he said a woman bashing line which was synonymous to shooting yourself in the foot. The line was so funny, that if you listen close, you can here the short laugh I let out. Regardless, the rest of the video features my brother going red, and the blogger being oblivious to it.

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What advice would you like to give to someone who is interested in starting a YouTube channel or starting on his own?

Start recording, forget the rest. Do it for the sake of the art, not money.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Check out my work online please. Its mostly all in one place thats


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