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Secrets of getting a lot of views for your YouTube video

Every aspiring YouTuber is in awe with many YouTube celebrities.

Why not? They are earning fortune just by posting some videos.

But how they actually get so may views? How do they make such awesome videos? And most importantly, how do they promote their channel to get so many followers?

I am not promising a quick fix but one thing, you will know how the YouTube videos get so much success.

Here are some tips to increase your view counts-


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Engaging Youtube Title

Keep your title short, engaging and precise. It should be catchy enough to enthuse your viewers to click on it. It should have primary keyword but at the same time is appealing to click. One clever way of doing this practice is to give your video a title similar to any other popular video.

You can generate title suggestion by using keywordtool.

Name your file with a relevant keyword

Name your video file accurately before you upload it to YouTube so that it don’t get lost with other videos and be searchable with keyword you used to name your file. For example, if a video is on a dancing cat, then the obvious name for the video should be “Cat Dance”. Google support has suggested some best practices for YouTube metadata that you should read.

Current topic picks up quickly

One of the best ways to get a lot of views in a short time is to create a video on something in trend. It could be anything like a review of the just released movie, a parody of some famous song or any comical video on the person in news. Make sure you name it with the original movie, song or clip, to place it on the same page with other popular videos.

Video description

The Youtube video description should be a mini blog. Don’t take video description as extraneous as it can be disastrous to all your hard work. Add video description and tell viewers what is there in the video by adding long tail keywords as well. You can also give a link to your web page in it, making better prospects for conversions.

Be a part of the community

You can start collaborating with other YouTubers and promote each other work on channels, this can lead to more fans and subscribers. Start commenting on other videos so that active people on YouTube get to know about you.

Create playlists

A playlist is a group of videos that play in sequence and is a great way to increase your video views. Viewers will have a choice to watch your playlist or just watch an individual video.


It is a great way to point your viewers to watch your other videos. You can link from one video to another as well as to playlists of your videos or your channel, convincing your viewers to watch more of your videos.

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