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I spend most of my day getting rejected by bars and cafes – Anirban Dasgupta

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Anirban Dasgupta left his secure job after working for about 4 years to pursue stand up comedy. He wants to do something significant in sports comedy in future. Read on to know more about this talented stand up comic.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

I was born and brought up in Kolkata, completed my engineering from Pune in 2010 and then worked for little less than four years in Mumbai and Kolkata. My work involved selling overpriced products to unsuspecting customers in East zone, Nepal and Bhutan. Then I quit my job to pursue comedy full time. Meanwhile, I also got married. I am clearly a great decision maker.

What prompted you to become a stand up comedian ?

I have been a humour blogger since college and have always enjoyed writing in general. When the stand-up scene in India was picking up in 2010, I was working in Mumbai and used to follow it closely. Then I moved back to Kolkata and nothing happened for the next two years. Then in 2012, we had Kolkata’s first open mic organised by the Kalkutta Komedians. I took part, did well and got hooked. Opportunities were less in the beginning, after a while when i had enough material, I started to travel to Delhi, Bangalore for more stage time. When I started making decent money, and when my job commitments began clashing with show dates often, I decided to quit and do this full time.

Anirban Dasgupta-stagephod

Tell us about your team, if you have?

In Kolkata, the comedy scene is still picking up, and all of us work together and help each other out. Vaibhav Sethia is a fellow comedian from Kolkata, we started together and been working with each other ever since. Then there is Sourav Ghosh who is a crazy writer doing very well now. Plus there’s a bunch of really exciting young comedians coming through. I started the group called Comedified with Vaibhav and couple of filmmaker friends. I have been writing the sketch scripts and all of us have been coming together to produce the videos for Youtube. We also do comedy videos and concepts for brands.

What type of content you prefer when it comes to stand up comedy?

I like to watch comedy of all kinds, what is funny is funny. My style is majorly clean content oriented comedy. I especially enjoy writing on political and social issues.

What is your dream/ vision?

Right now, the aim is to keep getting better and finding the comedic voice. I have a fair idea of what shows I want to put out in the future. Being a sports fan, I also want to do something significant in sports comedy, which I feel is not as popular as other subjects such as Bollywood, politics, relationships.


What difficulties you face as an stand up comedian?

Lack of awareness in Kolkata is a major issue for us. As we move forward, more people are supporting this form of entertainment, but it is still difficult to get new venues. I spend most of my day getting rejected by bars and cafes. But things are shaping up.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

I roasted my ex-girlfriend and her husband at their wedding sometime back which was so much fun. There’s been a lot of memorable moments. This one time, we were performing at an event and Usha Uthup was in the audience and I had some South Indian jokes. Afterwards, when she went up on stage to give some award, she called me up and started cracking some jokes herself. She was so awesome. In general, I like the time spent backstage with other comics, so much fun, so much to learn from more experienced comedians. That’s quite memorable and something to look forward to every time.


What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in stand up comedian?

Just write and do as many open mics as possible. Even 2 minutes of stage time helps so much. This is such a great time to be in comedy in India.

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