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Stay focused and study your product. Discover your USP and discover who could be your potential target audience – Meghdhanush

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Four friends formed a band the genre of Experimental Hindi Pop/Rock, which they named Meghdhanush. Read on to know more about them.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

Each of us has come from different backgrounds and life styles. What gelled us together though, was our passion for music. We came together at different stages of our lives through a few common friends. Talking through what we wanted from life, we ended up jamming together. We went on to making music in the flavour which was a challenge to experiment in the environment which we lived in socially, which had a few prejudices about the genres of music.

What prompted you to start Meghdhanush?

We were a few friends with common interest and vision with respect to music since a very early age. In 2009 we sat together and jammed up which ultimately ended up in formation of a band in the genre of Experimental Hindi Pop/Rock, which we named Meghdhanush. Meghdhanush is the Hindi translation for Rainbow.

Tell us about your team, if you have?

We have a team of four with Karan Patel on Guitars and vocals, Jainam Modi on Bass and vocals while Meet Jain on Vocals and Dhaivat Jani on drums, vocals and also playing other percussions.

What is your dream/ vision?

Our dream is to express ourselves through music we do, and to spread love and peace all over the world through our music. We strongly believe music has the power to overpower any negativity.

What difficulties you face in making the videos/ running your group?

With the technology becoming so easily accessible these days, any and every artist can easily come up with a music video. What we see as a challenge when it comes to making the videos is, to stand out. We want to give our fans something that they have never witnessed, or at least they have rarely seen. Being unique without losing your identity is the challenge according to us. Our first official music video – Shaktiman (Cover) demonstrates an effort towards achieving it.

Who/ What inspires you or keeps you going?

Our passion for music keeps us going above anything else. We may have our opinions, differences or things of those sorts; but when we sit together to make some music, all of that vanishes in a jiffy.

Also, getting to know the great musicians of the country, getting the opportunities to collaborate with them and learn from their experiences which gives us a huge push to do better.

Meghdhanush article-stagephod
What are your future plans with respect to your channel/ group?

In addition to our lineup of live gigs, we plan to launch our album and singles with a focused strategy. We have plans to come up with musical videos and songs creatively. The plan is on track.

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested in starting a YouTube channel or starting on his own?

Unlike our ancestors, we, as a generation, are lucky to live in the age where getting in touch with the people who are our focused target audience is so easy. With YouTube and other social media spread like a huge net across the world, it becomes insanely easy to market your art, or any product for that matter.

The advice would only be to stay focused and study your product. Discover your USP and discover who could be your potential target audience. Other tools will take care of the rest.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

There are many to be honest. But out of those, we can pick one to share. During one of our initial shows in 2010, we were returning from Gurgaon and somehow we ended up spending the night on the platform of Ajmer Railway Station because the earliest train to our home, Ahmedabad, was only in the morning. As if eating on platform, sleeping on the benches and killing time by singing were not fun enough deep in the night, the morning came up with a laughter riot.

Jainam, our bassist, was sleeping on a bench and a huge bell hung above his head which they must be using for some signals on railway station.

At dawn, a station staff guy came by walking quietly, looked at Jainam sleeping right underneath the bell and with a wicked smile he rang the bell to crack through the silence of the morning. Shocked, Jainam stood up in disbelief in a jiffy. With his hair all messed up and eardrums shattered, it took him a few seconds before realizing where he was and why he was and how he was woken up. The expressions on his face were matchless. The rest of us could not stop laughing. It was a fun trip!

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