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Our tagline is “aaj kuchh too funny karte hain”. Hence, every time we create something we have a lot of fun – Being Humour/ Somnath Karmakar


Being humour aims to serve the nation with a different flavor of comedy. Read on to know more about these standup comedians.

Tell us about your life journey in brief.
I am from Faridabad (NCR) India. I was born on the 27th of January, in a Bengali family. But I was born and brought up in U.P (Meerut), India. I am presently working with “Star Plus” in their new venture “Pehchan naye Soch Ki”
I started developing my skills in acting while still schooling at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School in Meerut. My debut in the industry however was in 2007 on the television comedy series “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Season 3”. After that, there was no stopping. I soon worked in television shows and telefilms on television channels including Star One, Star News, Aaj tak, Sahara, Jan Sandesh, Total Tv, Magik Tv, Mahua TV and a couple of radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Radio Chaska, Radio Manav Rachna, Radio Zindagi and many more. The creative team of ‘The Great Indian laughter challenge’ appreciated my need to spread laughter and I was then selected in the fourth season of ‘The Great Indian laughter challenge’ once again in 2008. I was referred to as the ‘Youngest Champion’ on the show.

From my initial successes in the show, I was asked to participate in other stand-up comedy shows in various other television channels in India. Initially, I was recognized as a Stand-up Comedian, but I have a lot of interest in the arts. I am an actor, a mimicry artist, a musician,  poet, a painter, a writer and want to keep growing. I believe, the actor must discover the essence of character and project and the essence it has for the audience. I have always tried to portray the essence of the character which has been perceived differently, however, at different times, periods, styles, and cultures, and by different personalities of character. With concerns to approach the actor’s challenge, I believe, “To appear real, the actor must be artificial.

I take the honor to announce that I have associated with the team of Star Television Network, as a Standup-Comedian for their series of events named as “Pehchan Naye Soch Ki, Yeh Jashn hai Aapka”. The entire program is based on the promotion of all the channels of Star Television Network which includes Star Plus, Star Gold, Star Sports, ABP News, Channel [V], Life Ok, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Fox Travellers and other channels of Star Television Network. The name of the event is inspired by the tag line of Star Plus, “Rishta Wohi, Soch Nayi”. In “pehchan Naye Soch Ki”, we give a chance to the young talents from the local audience to promote new talent. In this campaign, we are in the process of visiting all the cities in India across all states and organize an event like Star Parivar awards with the star performances of the artists belonging to the Star Plus family.

I believe in the importance of an academic grounding in the basic principles of art and I strongly adhere to the classical premises of art education, and having a childhood full of drawing and painting has always foreshadowed an artistic future for me. After completing 4 years in college of pharmacy, I am now pursuing Masters in Business Administration in International Business.

I was asked to be a part of the “Foundation against Thallesimia” to serve humanity in a special way, and since then I have kept my association and promise to the NGO. Besides that, I have grown tremendously and now am well versed and feel very comfortable on stage after completing 5 glorious years and more than 500 national and international shows including a performance in the honor of the chief minister of Haryana, Mr. Bhupendra Singh Hudda. Among all the greatest moments, from receiving the best mimic in an inter university festival for three consecutive years-2006, 2007 and 2008, the most overwhelming moment was to receive the Award for the Best Stand-up comedian 4 times by Star Plus in their program “Pehchan naye Soch Ki “, and after that being ranked among “Top 40 Enlightened Leaders” by Brahmakumaris Society.being humour

What prompted you to start Being Humour?
Making people laugh is the most specialized and respected talent in the arts. It does not matter how successful or famous or rich a comedian becomes, each time he faces an audience he has got to be funny. That agonizing, persistent pressure, that constant challenge keeps a comedian honest. We concluded that simply evoking laughter was not enough. There has to be something more than just getting laughs. Laughs are not everything. People can scream laughing at a comedian and yet can’t remember anything afterwards to talk about. To become successful, they must like you very much — they must have a feeling, like, ‘Gee, I wish he was a friend of mine. I wish he was a relative.’ In Being Humour’s attempt to shed some light on the serious business of making people laugh; an effort to comprehend the inscrutable; an endeavor to gain some insight into the mechanics and the craft of comedy, we invested 3 years interviewing The Great Comedians and create a wonderful conceptual comedy show of that name. Being Humour developed on the phenomenon of the fact that the love of laughter has been inherent in most cultures of the early history. Today’s laugh makers are the direct descendants of harlequins, clowns and court jesters and like their historic counterparts, the current crop of comics is irreverent, inventive and uncommonly gifted. They are blessed with stiletto-sharp insight as well as the colossal courage to joke about people, places and events that most people hold sacred.
After doing such an intense research and after doing the in-depth study of market, we concluded that we should involve ourselves in planning a series of live comedy shows in public places including online videos, advertisements featuring renowned comedians in an effort to get our brand noticed and shared on social and print media;
Being Humour observes that the popularity of prank comedy is rising; it notes that many TV comedy series beginning their numerous seasons on entertainment channels as well as informative channels. In this context, the team of Being Humour thought of coming up with a show which includes everything what the audience of today’s generation is expecting from the major comedians of the city. 

Tell us about your team, if you have?
Being Humour is purely a concept of stand-up comedy night (5 stand-up comedians for each show) with the renowned stand-up comedy artists of various Indian entertainment channels. In our concept of “Being Humour” we have assembled most of the talented stand-up comedians of Delhi and NCR region under one roof. In our club of comedy we have not only prepared the one act stand-up comedy, but also prepared a number of Gags which includes 5 to 6 artists together to create some situational comedy on stage.
Being humour2
What is your dream/ vision?
Our dream is to serve the nation with a different flavor of comedy, which will be unique and devoid of any vulgarity.

What difficulties do you face in making the videos/ running your group?
We genuinely do not face any kind of difficulty in making videos, we do not make scripts for our videos, the creative team sits together and start with a concept, and steadily when collective thoughts assemble, we often come out with a masterpiece every time. Yes, sometimes we encounter a difficulty with the availability of all the artists together, but with a little effort, we often resolve this issue with no problem.

Who/ What inspires you or keeps you going?
The creative personality and an aspiring artist within me inspires me to do good work every time.

What are your future plans with respect to your channel/ group?
To make our group popular with such videos and some surprises are on the way, which will be unfolded soon.

Team. BH

Any fun/ memorable incident?
Our tagline is “aaj kuchh too funny karte hain”. Hence, every time we create something we have a lot of fun.

What would you advice someone who is interested in starting a YouTube channel or starting on his own?
The first thing is to research thoroughly, what you are going to present, if it is already served by some other group then try to create something innovative, and do not copy others.

Anything else you’d like to share?
We are already sharing happiness, and wish to share more in future.

A spoof of ‘Bang Bang’ the movie by Being Humour

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