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The art of imagination plays a vital role in both, be it fine arts or film making – Maan Chandravanshi

Maan Chandravanshi stagephod

Maan Chandravanshi who is a farmer by birth and, an artist by profession and a filmmaker by interest. Read on to know more about this filmmaker.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

I am a farmer by birth and, an artist by profession and of course a filmmaker by interest. Hailing from a small village of Malwa, Madhya Pradesh, I had an inclination towards art from my childhood days, which urged me to pursue my bachelors and masters’ degree in Fine Arts. It all began in college when a senior of mine asked me to act in his short films ‘Shadow of thoughts’ and ‘Prisoners of moon’ which fortunately got selected for screening at film carnivals like Cannes Film Festival, FIERI International Film Festival, London Asian Film Festival and British Film Institute. Acting was just the beginning, my real dream was filmmaking, and still is.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

In my opinion, the art of imagination plays a vital role in both, be it fine arts or film making. In both media you tell your story through visuals. So, fine arts not only develops one’s craft but also the sense of visualization. What one draws on paper is already drawn in one’s mind several times in several versions, so is with film making. The director would have painted the entire picture in his mind much earlier and what we see on the screen is just a replica of it. I found various similarities in both these arts. You can also take it as an excuse of mine since I have got no training in filmmaking. But this is what driven me to step in to film making.


Tell us about your team, if you have?

There is no such team around me except a few aspiring friends who have keen interest in different functions of filmmaking including cinematography, music and writing. If you call us a team, you must label us as a bunch of immature, inexperienced and clueless folks, yeah seriously. Thankfully, we realised it soon after releasing our first short film ‘Munni ka Indradhanush’. Now, we know where we are lacking and trying to conquer our shortcomings. Also, we are well aware of our flaws, therefore we accept that this film could be made in a way better than it is.

How many/ What kind of movies you have made?

‘Munni ka Indradhanush’ is our first short film and we are planning to make a few more in near future. As the name suggests it’s a story of young, optimistic girl named Munni. It’s a nice story, portraying jiffs of a girl’s life from an underprivileged community. Although, we prefer to work on realistic stories, we don’t want to stick to any specific kind or genre as far as our next projects are concerned.


What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

The answer is very much predictable as every independent filmmaker faces the same difficulty – lack of budget and resources. During shoot, the only thing we could easily access was a Canon 550D camera since my friend Hitesh, DOP of the film had it with him. We couldn’t even think to afford professional actors so the only way to shoot the film was shoot it with our own people. That’s what we did. Post-production was also a big hurdle, thankfully Rahul and Ankit-Harshit generously contributed their time and took care of editing and music, respectively.

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in filmmaking?

Not at this stage, since I am also the one seeking advices of others. Please give if you have any.


Anything else you’d like to share?

Yeah. Although our short film ‘Munni ka Indradhanush’ didn’t reach any eminent film festival yet, I was glad to hear that it got wonderful response at Bhopal Film Festival. I regret not being there. Also, it was aired on NDTV Prime on their special prime talkies show, which really gave me a good feeling.

I would like to thank Pocket Films for promoting this film in such a great manner and also Stagephod for giving me an opportunity to talk about my film and share my thoughts on this platform. Thanks a lot.


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