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Theatre needs time, so please don’t do this for time pass – Bhaav Arts of Expression/ Viral Arya


Bhaav Arts of Expression was started by Viral Arya to give Delhi a proper weekend theater group. Read on to know more about the group.

1) Tell us about your (founder) life journey in brief?

Bhaav Arts (Formerly Tanzil Arts) Founded by Mr. Viral Arya in 2007. Viral Arya was born in Agra (UP), India in normal middle class family. In school days he want to be a cricketer, but due to some circumstances he just changed his career and finished his M.B.A. but still no satisfaction because he had very passionate towards writing and had a dream of become a writer and director so just started a foundation of his dream by the theatre group Bhaav Arts (Tanzil Arts) and then started theatre plays, street plays, short films etc.

2) What prompted you to start a Theater Group?

In 2007 & before to get into Theatre was very tough, as there was only few active Theatre Groups in Delhi. Bhaav Arts was the First proper Weekend Theatre Group in Delhi and till date it is. The idea behind it was to give opportunity to all for Learn and Perform even if they are working for their butter and bread.

Bhaav Arts of expression stagephod

3) Tell us about your team, if you have?

Bhaav Arts worked on session basis. In every session we have 20 to 30 people with regular members. Many from those worked & learned with Bhaav Arts and now actively working in Mumbai Film industry.

4) How many/ What kind of theater you have done?

Basically, we try to work on social topics, but we also do entertaining plays. Till date we have done more than 50 national level theatre performance and still counting.


5) What is your dream/ vision?

To create a series of connected theatre plays and we are on the way. For example, Kaam Ka Bamboo Mat Le Shambhu and Kaam Ka Bamboo Le Le Shambhu are first direct squeals in theatre world, which are proper connected with each other and has a continuous story. There is verbal presence of “Inesh” in  Kaam Ka Bamboo Le Le Shambhu. “Inesh” first appeared in “Aakhiri Patjhad”. I am also planning a Prequel to Aakhiri Patjhad and a Spin-off too.

6) What difficulties you face as a Theater Group?

As a Weekend Theatre Group is very difficult to find some dedicated and passionate people as Theatre is just a Hobby for most of them those prefer to do theatre on Weekends. Financial terms also matter as nobody wants to pay to Learn in Theatre and to bring audience is also a tough task.

Bhaav Arts-of-expression-stagephod

7) What inspires you or keeps you going?

My ambition. I want to be a successful Writer and Director.

8) Any fun/memorable incident?

Yes of course, we have lots of fun moments during the journey of Bhaav Arts & Memorable incident when we perform and had great great response from audience.

Bhaav Arts of-expression-stagephod

9) What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in theater?

Theatre needs time, so please don’t do this for time pass.

10) Anything else you’d like to share?

Bhaav Arts upcoming shows are “The Shades” and “Golden Jubilee” on 20-June-2015 at 6pm onwards at Alliance Francaise Auditorium, Delhi. Bhaav Arts also coming with a unique concept for Theatre Workshop at Your Time, at Your Days and at Your Amount. For details visit our Website  OR


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