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Until and unless you plan to send your films for bigger festivals and you have a production support, don’t spend too much – Vicky Khandpur

Vicky-Khandpur-stagephod The Price

Vicky Khandpur who is working in Bollywood for about 15 years made a short film The Price which has 24 million hits on youtube. Read on to know how he made that film in minimal resources.

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief

I joined film industry in year 2000, started from Steadicam operating/ assisting, been a part of more than 200-250 films – Bollywood & few international ones (like Slumdog Millionaire). I started making short films from 2007 and after I received my 1st award for my 1st short film under my own production Planet Vix – The Independent Film Company. I made a regular exercise of making short films and participating in festivals, contests etc. This made me stronger in the craft.

Earlier I didn’t have any ‘Team’ as such and even now in my films I usually do most of the things – production, writing, cinematography, editing and direction. Right now I have few people who work with me when they are available – Chirag shah (writer/actor/assistant director), Suvidha Singh (actor/assistant), Archer D’costa (sound), Tanush Singh (cinematography) who usually work with me when available. My fiancé, Neha Ved, who is from a journalism background and editing books, handles the creative direction and additional writing for my films.

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

The idea of THE PRICE came randomly while thinking about a different way to convey a social message. Usually I have this tendency of taking things into a ‘what if this could be conveyed like that’ zone. I just bounced this idea to a friend while having cutting chai and laughed it off. When in a group discussion, we come up with something which has potential but sometimes we don’t realize it. The idea if THE PRICE stayed with us. Next morning I worked a bit on the idea and locked it.

Vicky Khandpur-stagephod

What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

THE PRICE, has been one of my most successful short films in all the terms. The team which I had for this film was of my close friends. The film is about a virgin boys visit to a prostitute and what price he has to pay. Mitali Nag, who acted in Zee TV’s Afsar bitiya and lot of other series also, played the main lead in my film. Gaurav Pandey, an actor / co-founder of a film society played the male lead. Both were ready but I didn’t have the location. I tried arranging, a small house in slums but somehow things weren’t falling in place and I didn’t want to mess it up. Finally after 8months or so I decided to do a small change in the character and shot it at my place. Then came the camera part, which for an indie film maker like me was difficult to arrange. I had a handycam but I wanted a CANON 7D DSLR which was just introduced that time. I had a cinematographer friend in delhi, Madhur Verma, who was coming to Mumbai and he too liked the idea and agreed to do the film. So that’s how my team was ready to go on floors. Everyone liked the idea and the treatment I had for the film which was a little different. We shot in it 6hrs.

What recognition did you get for this short film?

Again it was a co-incidence that a friend wanted to make a film with me on a particular theme of a short film concept held by UTV WORLD MOVIES. The theme was ‘My First Time’ and my film was fit for it. A month after the submission I got the mail that it was selected as a winner and was going to be on air on UTV WORLD MOVIES CHANNEL on 22nd may 2011. That was one moment when we all felt proud for our hard work. Later it won few more awards, appreciation and was showcased in many film festivals.

Vicky-Khandpur-stagephod-The Price

What advice will you give to new / aspiring film-makers on making a low budget film?

After making THE PRICE I continued making lot of short films and now I have a proper YouTube channel – where I have made approximate 45 videos; wacky, comic, horror etc and all are made in low budget. As the time passes you will learn to add production values to your films which will be seen in my forthcoming films too. But the most important thing a filmmaker should keep in mind is – keep it simple and don’t overdo it; especially if you plan to make short films for long term and in bulk. Lot of people spend on set design, grips etc but the film doesn’t have any impact. Until and unless you plan to send your films for bigger festivals and you have a production support, don’t spend too much. Make your film look good with what you have. Work on the idea 1st rest will follow. That’s how I saved money and produced my own feature film. Save your bucks for the best. I wish I could reveal the 1st look here but it’s in ‘work in progress’ mode.

And another advice is that – make what you feel like and not what others expect you to, at least initially. It’s a different thing when a production house asks you to make something that they want. 2 simple rules – 1) Make films that you can connect to 2) What you would like to watch as an audience!
You will definitely make it good!
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