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7 Tips you should remember when making a Corporate Video

BY stagephod

7 Tips you should remember when making a Corporate Video

You should not all dependent on your production house.

The reason is:

Production houses are often less familiar with the marketing tactics which plays very important role in making a marketing video; obviously!

But as a marketer, if you are aware of few tips from production, it would be easy for you to understand the whole process and to describe your expectation to the production house.

I would not say that these are some must-have rules to create a remarkable corporate video, but I am summarizing my experience while creating videos for my clients ChaiThela, POSist and 200+ others.

But I am pretty sure that these tips will help you in getting a higher number of views on your videos. And you will get more encouraging reaction from your viewers.


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#1. Script

Any video starts with script.

Video makers often waste their time asking too many question from a client. Do your work ahead of time and penned down everything you want in your video. When a script write or video maker will try to understand your thought process behind the video, it will be easier for you to elaborate.

#2. Two camera set-up

Good films use continuity editing. Continuity editing is a process of adding two different scenes or camera angle into a single continuity of the film. A multiple camera setup is done for the continuity cutting but for a corporate video, two camera set up is more than enough.

Also since most of the corporate people shy away when they see a camera filming them, a two-camera setup also helps here to take some natural shots without them noticing the filming process. By using two cameras, you can put together the best moments while cutting some hmm or umms.

#3. Lighting Setup

As corporate videos are concise, so you don’t need to create a magnificent lighting scheme. A basic 3-point lighting technique works better for corporate videos.

A 3-point lightening setup is nothing but keeping the lights at three different angles so as to avoid unnecessary shadow. You can watch the 3-point lighting technique tutorial in this video.

#4. Close-up tactic

Shooting close-up is much cheaper and easier to light, arrange and shoot. As the mobile viewers are increasing at a huge rate, creating close-up shots would be much more compelling than wide shots for your corporate video.

#5. Use Mic

Your audience can tolerate a dreary background but they just won’t tolerate the bad sound. Make sure your production house is using tiny collar mic to attain a better quality sound. Also, to make it look more professional, you can hide the mic inside to pelt it from the view.

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#6. Rule of 20 seconds

Nobody likes to watch a mundane video, which makes it really important that you keep changing the theme of your video after every 20 seconds to keep it engaging for viewers. You can either add some music or some background colors, but keep changing the pace.

#7. Optimize your title

Make sure to optimize the title of your corporate video  with a relevant target keyword if you are planning on uploading the video on various social platforms. Use this keyword near the beginning rather than the end and use terms that are easily searchable.

Get in touch with us now if you are looking to create a corporate video for your business. Submit your requirements here – Yes, I want to make corporate video. tell me how?

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