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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are manufacturer of conveyors.please visit our website for details of our product.

    we want a small product video budget 5000-10000/-.

    please find a suitable,affordable and reliable video maker.

    manoj singh

  2. Hi,

    I am Rajesh. I came across your website while surfing internet.

    I have recently started a apparel brand named Vaishvik. Vaishvik is a pro-western brand based on ancient india’s contribution to the world in various fields such as dynasties, warriors, war, science, literature, sports, romance etc.

    I want to make promotional videos (animated) to promote my brand on social media. However, my budget is low (Rs. 2.5 K per video). Can you guide me how to go abt it as rates indicated on your website are quite high than my budget.



    Our latest short film which tells us about a heated argument between a filmmaker and a censor board officer.
    When a filmmaker is told that her film itself is a problem and they wont allow to screen it, she raises some points with shuts off the censor board officer…
    What will happen to the future of Indian cinema if censor board continues to rip the films!
    Will we ever get to put our point across?

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