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About – It is India’s most trusted place for digital video creation.

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Perks of working at Stagephod

  • Watching video/ short films/ viral content is part of the job
  • Interacting with filmmakers/ artists/ models is part of the job
  • Discussing film stories/ brainstorming on scripts/ creating videos is part of the job

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1. Startup Junkie or Entrepreneur in Residence

Qualification – Doesn’t matter

Experience – doesn’t matter but  Preferably with a startup

Location – Any location

Salary – Survival money + equity

Role and Responsibilities:

Have to learn and handle anything and everything happening in the company. For some time, the task involved will be related to Business development, Content writing, social media marketing, vendor management, Recruitment etc.

Skills – Problem Solving, Hard working, Willing to learn multiple things at fast pace

Why you should join:

  • If you want to have a hands on experience with a startup before starting on your own.
  • Want to learn many new business related things in short period.

2. Digital Marketing Expert

Qualification – Doesn’t matter

Experience – 0 -2 years in social media marketing preferably in a startup or blog

Location – Any location

Salary – Rs. 10,000 – 25,000

Role and Responsibilities:

Promote Stagephod to all its stakeholders like Startups, SMBs, NGOs, Video makers etc. Increase social media engagement

Skills – Market research, social media marketing, Online marketing

Why you should join:

Accelerated learning

3. Sales/ Business Development Head

Qualification – Doesn’t matter

Experience – 2+ years in B2B Sales/ Business Development

Location – Mumbai/ Bangalore

Why you should join:

Earn at the same time follow your passion.

If you are interested,  please send us a mail at nik(at)

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