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If you don’t get producers don’t worry, try to meet new people and share your ideas with enthusiasm – Dileep Jadi

Last Night Dileep Jadi stagephod

Dileep jadi made a short film Last Night in minimal resources. Read on to know how he managed to make it and don’t miss what he advices how to go about it.

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief

Ashish Joshi ( Director of Photography )

Rajashekar Dodda ( Short Film Director )

Sai Kumar Gurrapu( Actor/ Assistant director )

Viren Mahavar ( Delhi )

Lilly (China Model )

My relatives Kiran Kumar Janagam, Naveen Janagam, Parents, brothers and other friends.

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

I was planning to do music videos, short films and feature films in Hyderabad near G.V.Studio.  I met Rajashekar Dodda ( The Last Night : Director) and told him i wish to make a short film which conveys a social message on youth. After 10 days of discussion, he agreed.

Last Night Dileep Jadi-stagephod

What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

We started with Zero Budget and opted for  “Jugaads”. I asked my friend Radhika to act and be lead actress in my short film. She is frank and a cool girl. Other actors were new to acting, we made them act. Sai Kumar Gurrapu, Niharika Kannan, Yash Kannan, Rohith Reddy Vadiyala, Ranjith Reddy vadiyala ,Raghunath Janga and Viiraj Akenpally.

We co-operated very well as a team for our this attempt. I used street light perfectly. Director took help from WOWONE TV for post production and publicity partnership. Finally we managed to release on WowoneTV  and got a positive response from audience .

What recognition did you get for this short film?

Review is here:

Last Night Dileep-Jadi-stagephod

What advice with you give new / aspiring film-makers on making a low budget film?

If you don’t get producers, don’t worry, try to meet new  people and share your ideas with enthusiasm. All will not support you but don’t worry and don’t stop trying. Casting is quite important, take more realistic actors or theater artists.  Explain the Topic/ scene to them before the shoot. That will make life easy for actors.

Film location is another important thing, find a right place to shoot. If you are shooting in public places, be prepared with unwanted people and situations. Also don’t forget to take the call sheets from artist .

Make sure that crew – Assistant directors and set people arrange food for crew so that everyone will be active during the shoot.

Rest is equipments, keep a spare battery for camera and take a backup to save your data. Tick the shots that you got. Take some suggestion shots that can be used in extreme situations. Find a trustful post production house and try to sit with editor and music director. Tell your story to them . Once you are done with editing, check it, re check it, take visual suggestion from cinematographer, make changes if necessary. Find a publicity partner for your film. Go with exact release date and make sure your cast should be available for Premier show and promotion.

Hope For the best from audience. If people appreciate – celebrate. If not, don’t be worry find your mistakes and learn from them.

All the best!

To see his movie, Last Night movie

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