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We at EMA films, are a young team based in Mumbai and strive hard to create a visual experience through real life stories and filming things that touch human lives.
Believing in the philosophy of giving back to mother nature, we love filming outdoors and 100% assured to make people go awe with your inspiring story by banking on the technology and media equipment at our disposal.Below listed are some of our productions and collaborations.1) Keep it Real

When Brazillian graffiti artists decide to paint our town in the Samba flavor, We joined the Wicked and crazy ride that followed. See some of the best graffiti artists from India and Brazil team up to transform a neighborhood society club-house.

2) Under a Neon Sky

We went to IIT Bombay to film some Genius artists decorating the most coveted technical institution there is. It was a blend of Music,Art and some crazy folks who make it look so beautiful. The multi faceted talent of IIT Bombay were the perfect audience. Here is a look at the video of Psychedelic Decor done by “WickedBroz” and “Art Can feed” in this year’s Mood Indigo.

3) Give in – the paintball madness
Have you ever felt like becoming Rambo or Sunny Deol with a Gun and shoot down bad guys?
Your counter strike fantasy is coming true.
Catch a glimpse of Paintball madness in this EMA exclusive!

4) Aahan 2015

NME graffiti and MOOZ graffiti pull out all stops on the streets in Vile Parle to do some vivid Graffiti for the UPGC students.

5) Here is Our show reel.

..And Some more

1) Colaba Sports League

Running down through the best moments of Colaba Super League 2015.
A Presentation of Ema Films.

2) Chemic Insanity

Zake, a not so simple Graffiti artist waving a spray can across a canvas on stage. Beast Mode, a not so boring Bboy crew step up to show some moves. What followed at the ICT Mumbai Sports Saga opening was what the stuff of legends is made of. Check out…

3) For Western India Football Association (WIFA)
Celebration of Grassroots Day

The Asian Football Confederation #GrassrootsDay 2016FIFA FIFA U-17 World Cup FIFA Women's World Cup Moya Dodd Indian Football Team Indian Women's Football Team Grassroots Football India Bhumesh Das EMA FILMS OSCAR Foundation

Posted by Western India Football Association-(WIFA) on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

If you have a “Product”, we are sure to have an Idea to film it! And If you have dared to dream big, let’s show it to the world 🙂

If you want to hear more from us you can contact on the below numbers or just revert to this mail. We would love to meet you and hear your story.

Wicked Broz
Western India Football Association (WIFA)
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