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For an indie filmmaker jugaad is the most important thing to deal with – Kallol Mukherjee

Kallol-Mukherjee-stagephod Jugaad

Kallol Mukherjee who made a short film IFRAN after getting inspired from Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider and got the idea during his engineering exam time. Read in details how he executed the project in minimal budget.

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief?

Hello my name is Kallol Mukherjee. Ya, it sounds awkward but there is a deep literature into it. ‘’Kallol’’ means sound from sea shore and its also the title of Tagore’s first unpublished poem and of course my grandpa was a big fan of Tagore. I was born in Shrerampore and brought up in Jabalpur. My filmmaking journey started when I accidently joined engineering. I was so irritated that after my 1st year exam I went to Kolkata for a visit and shot some footage of Sonagachi – a red light district in WB. And that 3 min documentary won consolation in channel V fest Director’s cut. After that it became my passion. Soon I form a group name PARADOX BOX with Siddharth Pandey and Aditya Mishra, and started producing short films.

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

Well after 2 short films we were thinking to grow with a long short film. But after watching Haider by Vishal Bharadwaj we become more serious for a long short heavy linguistic film. I was in search to write a different story but writing and developing a story is the hardest step. Many ideas came across but I was not getting a proper start and plot for my film. I personally think when exams approach, your mind thinks more and during my 5th semester exam I was researching for my film on internet and different books I got the idea. My innocent mom was happy to see me studying and thought that I am studying my course books. Finally after about 5 months of hard work, I was ready with the story and screenplay of IFRAN and Siddharth wrote the dialogues.

Kallol-Mukherjee-stagephod IFRAN

What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

For an indie filmmaker jugaad is the most important thing to deal with. You have to adjust your shoot and production level work as per the budget because most of the time you don’t have a producer and have to self produce the films. In this regard the first step is your actors. Your actors should be devoted to their roles as well as they should take minimum charges. But fortunately, I got actors for free with passion for acting. I got Siddharth Pandey the multitalented man, Manushree Mishra who sacrificed her IAS coaching and also it’s hard to find a dedicated girl who doesn’t use makeup for scenes, Bhushan Memne excellent actor, Amit Pare our own Tigmanshu Dhulia, Arvind Chacha for giving his 100% for every shot and rest of the cast who worked for free. Also I got a plus point that these actors also work as production team and this category was excelled by Himanshu Gautam.

When it comes to crew and production team one has to take up multiple roles, for example I am the director as well as the cinematographer also the spot boy. Aditya as an editor who is also our  executive producer. Mohit Pandey for  stills and poster making. Siddharth pandey, acting with AD jobs and every actor contributed their part for production team.

The next step is locations, and for sure without big cameras and equipment no one will take you seriously and hence most of the shoot we have done at our own places. We made 3 different location in one house. Thanks to Siddharth’s mom & dad for allowing us to disturb them. Usually shooting in public places like railway station needs permission from collector and the procedure involves so much time and 1 lakh rupees caution money and obviously we don’t have it. So we have to shoot our scenes without coming into notice and without disturbing the common public. At railway station some policemen ran behind us to catch us but as they say ‘ek ache shot k lie jail bhi jaana pade to manzoor hai’

Our jugaad involves wheelchair for trolley shots. Costumes borrowing from friends and a big support from Jabalpur people specially from the Mr. Mokkha and Mr. Nagraj for allowing us to shoot at their premises. The most prominent jugaad is using a single cam for the whole shoot. Convincing your parents also need certain kind of jugaad and thanks to them for always staying with me and supporting me for this. And when all these jugaaads fail make up with your creativity as no one can bound it.


What recognition did you get for this short film?

IFRAN is still on post production so as such no recognition.But as we released our poster it reached to about 5000+ audience which is a respectful figure. Jabalpur people have always supported us in filmmaking and I hope they will surely support IFRAN and our next ‘DO TARFA’ by Aditya Mishra

What advice with you give new / aspiring filmmakers on making a low budget film?

As I said it before I am not that big enough to advice newbie but one thing I want to share is that you should be dedicated and ambitious and success will come to your feet automatically.

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